Published on February 16th, 2023 | by Tim Chuma

Alien #6 Review (2022)

Alien #6 Review (2022) Tim Chuma

Summary: This is good enough but would be a lot better if you have read the rest of the series. Maybe I should read more than the first and the last in these series....nah!



Steel Team is down to almost no one and they are being hunted by one of their team who has been infected and turned into a xenomorph. Will they make it off this rock?

Maybe I should have read more of this series and not just the start and end but at least it is short enough you can go back and read the other ones or just get the trade paperback. Supposedly some of these carry on to extended continuity of this universe but the synthetics know they will never actually make it to Earth no matter what they do.

Being this is the last instalment of this series there is more than enough action but without the context it does not really mean anything so you will get more out of this if you have been following the story.

I don’t know why they just don’t get the xenomorphs to attack the Navi in Avatar and be done with it but James Cameron must have nixed that idea at some point or it would have already happened.

Comic details:

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Penciler: Julius Ohta

Cover Artist: Bjorn Barends

Publisher: Marvel

Published: February 08, 2023

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