Published on June 23rd, 2018 | by Andrew Bistak

Alice’s Adventures (Lit for Little Hands) Book Review

Alice’s Adventures (Lit for Little Hands) Book Review Andrew Bistak

Summary: Alice's Adventures (Lit for Little Hands) is a fun interactive story from start to finish


Interactive fun!

This book cleverly retells the story of Alice in Wonderland for younger readers but more importantly, it adds an interactive element into the story as this board book has spinning wheels and tabs to make certain scenes move. This adaption is also written by Brooke Jorden with illustrations from David Miles and needless to say, it works well.

The great aspect about this book is that the text, although a little on the short side is quite descriptive which helps draw the readers into the story of the world’s most famous Alice. Then you have the colourful and cartoon like images which literally come to life courtesy of the illustrator and interactive tabs.

For example, one section has Alice having tea with the Mad Hatter and when you pull the tab down, it looks like the March Hare is pouring her a cup of tea. However one strange aspect of this book is that kind of just finishes with Alice growing larger in the Red Queen’s Court as she boldly states You’re nothing but a pack of cards! This ending could have been better explained.

Final Thoughts?

Alice’s Adventure (Lit for Little Hands) is a fun interactive book that both children and their parents will thoroughly adore.

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