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Alexa Skill Blueprints Publishing Now Available in Australia and New Zealand – Create and Publish a Skill, No Coding Required

Amazon are excited to announce that now anyone can publish skills created using Alexa Skill Blueprints to the Alexa Skills Store in Australia for customers to discover and use. They have also built new Skill Blueprints specifically for content creators, bloggers, and organisations so they can reach anyone with an Alexa-enabled device.

In addition, universities and spiritual organisations can use the new University and Spiritual Talks Skill Blueprints to make their live and recorded audio content accessible on Alexa-enabled devices. Budding authors and storytellers can share their talents and publish their short stories or poems within the category of Storytelling Skill Blueprints including Fairy TaleSci-FiFableAdventure and many more.

Please see full details of the news here: https://developer.amazon.com/blogs/alexa/post/00f2c2f4-5ef6-41f2-97a7-d84615ae5a5f/alexa-skill-blueprints-publishing-now-available-in-australia-and-new-zealand-create-and-publish-a-skill-no-coding-required

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