Published on April 30th, 2020 | by Adrian Gunning

Alexa, may the force be with you – Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day on May 4 is on the horizon like Tatooine’s two suns, with this annual moment celebrated by many of the franchises fans.

While we’re likely to be stuck indoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to chat to your Alexa-enabled device in between binges of the saga and feasting like Jabba the Hutt (naturally, how else to celebrate Star Wars Day?).

Just ask Alexa any of the following phrases:

  1. “Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke”
  2. “Alexa, talk like Yoda”
  3. “Alexa, give me a Jedi mind trick”
  4. “Alexa, I am your father”
  5. “Alexa, may the Force be with you”
  6. “Alexa, talk like Darth Vader”
  7. “Alexa, Star Wars or Star Trek?”
  8. “Alexa, use the Force”
  9. “Alexa, Order 66”
  10. “Alexa, tell me a Star Wars fact”
  11. “Alexa, give me a Star Wars limerick”
  12. “Alexa, this isn’t the droid you’re looking for”
  13. “Alexa, do you like Star Wars?”
  14. “Alexa, are you a Jedi or a Sith?”
  15. “Alexa, who’s your favourite Star Wars character?”
  16. “Alexa, which is the best Star Wars movie?”
  17. “Alexa, that’s no moon…”
  18. “Alexa, give me a Star Wars quote”
  19. “Alexa, what is the Jedi code?”
  20. “Alexa, you’re a little short for a Stormtrooper”
  21. “Alexa, how do I use the Force?”
  22. “Alexa, it’s a trap”
  23. “Alexa, I’ve got a bad feeling about this”

Let us know how you get on celebrating Star Wars Day with Alexa!

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