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Al King Interview, Wargaming Global Brand Director (PAX Aus 2017)

We catch up with Al King, Wargaming Global Brand Director.

What’s your fondest gaming memory?

Working at Xmas for EA in the early/mid 90s. There was no one around so I just played Sim Life all day. In the Gene Lab I spliced the head of a deep sea angler onto the body of a monkey with the tail of a stegosaurus. I then maxed out the radioactivity and pollution levels. It ate everything and the entire eco system collapsed in a few years.

So what are you playing at the moment?

World of Warplanes 2.0.

Okay… Total War: ARENA… how did this franchise come to be at Wargaming?

We developed a 3PP strategy and created the WG Alliance brand. It was then a question of finding partners/games with the right fit for us and our audience. TWA is a historical tactical MOBA that appeals to a segment called War Historians. We do armored vehicular MOBAs and have a lot of War historians on our database.

What do you think sets ARENA apart from its competitors?

Its fast paced and requires quick thinking. Its historically accurate. Its graphically superior.

Describe your favourite gaming mechanic of ARENA?

Clicking on the Commanders head icon and zooming straight to their character in game. Epic.

In relation to World of Tanks, what’s your favourite tank and why?

Tier 10 Centurion. It’s the beginning of what becomes the MBT. It’s a superb all-rounder. Its when the UK started to build its reputation for world class tanks. It leads directly to the Chieftain.

Tell us some of the highlights of World of Tanks in 2017?

Roll-out of Grand Battles, 30 v 30 tank battles. Epic!

Can you give us any exclusives of what we might see in the future?

Significantly smoother onboarding including tutorials for WoWp 2.0 followed by polishing at the higher tier end. Tweaking and balancing in TWA based on the CBT. More focus on the ANZAC region from our dedicated team there.

Lastly, what is Wargaming most looking forward to at PAX this year?

Just being there. I haven’t been there since 1991. That’s half a life time ago. The PAX AUS INDIE SHOWCASE and PAX RISING sound interesting too. I like the sound of your ENFORCERS too. Maybe blow the froth off a couple with them.


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