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Summary: The Aiper Scuba S1 is like having your own team of scuba divers cleaning your pool!


Scuba cleaning!

For some, certain aspects about cleaning your pool channels an almost Zen-like state, however it can also be a grueling experience, particularly after bad weather – including leaves from neighbours! The other issue that shatters your inner “Zen” is that the majority of pool cleaners require a mains connection to power the unit which means a super long cable. That cable (which is a pain) also means tangles and additional storage of that unsightly pool cleaner. And from experience, those corded pool cleaners love breaking down and once out of warranty, you’re left with unwanted out of pocket experiences or a new unit.

However not all pool cleaners were made equal and Aiper, a manufacturer of smart pool cleaners, has just launched their latest product, the Scuba S1. It’s basically charge, set and clean with no unsightly cables that not only cleans your pool floor but also the walls up to 105°. Its cleaning capabilities are suited for both above ground and below ground pools (reviewed) with a cleaning area of up to 1600 square feet or 150 square metres plus a length of 50 feet (15 metres) which is a lot of coverage, including filtering up to 70 GPM (gallons per minute) of your pool’s water. What about pool types? Vinyl, concrete, tile and fiberglass (reviewed). Shapes? Rectangle, round, kidney and “random”. Priced at $1099AUD (April 2024), it also comes with a 2-year warranty which means keeping your pool clean just got easier plus peace of mind.


The smart technology used by the Aiper Scuba S1 is its WavePath Navigation 2.0 system that uses inertial sensors, acceleration sensors and infrared sensors to help move the through your pool and in essence, ensure that no parts of your pool are missed during the cleaning process. Here is a considerably sped up video of the Scuba S1 cleaning the floor of our pool and as you can see, it doesn’t miss a spot.


The full clean of your pool’s floor and walls is of course dependent on the size of your pool, however its automatic cleaning mode (150 minutes) will continue until the battery is almost flat. Once it has finished its cycle, it docks on the edge of your pool for collection. The other modes include eco, wall and floor. The Aiper Scuba S1 is also powered by a 7800mAh battery and takes up to 3 to 4-hours to fully recharge the unit. As mentioned, the Scuba S1 features an impressive eco mode that will clean your pool floor every 48-hours for 45-minutes over a 7-day period which is perfect for short holidays. If you want to limit your mains charging, Aiper also provides a Solar Power Panel that can be connected to the Scuba S1.

Box Contents

  • Aiper Scuba S1
  • DC Charger (Australian region)
    #: other regions contain different mains plugs
  • User Manual
  • Retrieval Hook

Unboxing Gallery

As you can see from the above images, the Aiper Scuba S1 is quite a small device that while made from plastic (all pool cleaners are), the build quality is great and it doesn’t look unsightly like most corded pool cleaners. Aesthetically, it looks quite modern and stylish. Another highlight of its design are the caterpillar treads which give excellent traction and maneuverability around your pool’s floor and walls. Last year’s model had four tyres with tread.

Controls are also conveniently located on the top of the unit which is just the power button. By holding down the power button for 2 to 3 seconds, this will turn on the Scuba S1 and to turn it off, hold it down again until the lights are no longer being displayed. To swap between modes, you simply push the power button between the various cleaning modes and an icon will show you what mode you have selected. There is a row of lights near the power button that will change colour as the battery is slowly depleted that is also used when charging to inform you of how much longer it has to replenish it.

Besides the manual and charging cable, the other accessory for the Scuba S1 is a hook that is needed to retrieve the unit once it has performed all its cleaning and it senses when it’s out of the water in order to commence its draining system that in turn makes it lighter to remove. It’s a shame that the Scuba S1 doesn’t have app control with a button to automatically force the unit to move to the edge and then rise which would make retrieval easier. A remote control would also perform this task but nonetheless, not a major issue.

Cleaning Verdict

Impressive best sums up the cleaning prowess of the Aiper Scuba S1. The unit cleaned the floor of the pool, including the walls well. It did miss some (a little) of the corner sides and steps of the pool, however this unit is not designed for that. In order to solve this issue, the pool brush is needed to move the dirt to the floor in order for the unit to collect it during its cleaning process. However the unit successfully picked up all the dirt from the floor which is generally where it accumulates and even larger items such as leaves. As our pool uses minerals to keep it clean, the filter collected the residue from the MagnaPool Minerals that included magnesium and potassium.

Once it has finished the cleaning, you need to empty out of the filter basket which is done by opening the lid of the Scuba S1 and then washing out the basket which is a super simple process. By doing this after every clean, it will ensure longevity of the filter basket which has a capacity of 3.5 litres. In relation to the unit itself, Aiper recommend that you don’t leave the device in the pool when not in use and also ensure the correct PH and chemical levels of your pool to prevent corrosion to the robotic cleaner’s components.

Cleaning Walls and Water Lines


Aiper continues to refine their technology and the Scuba S1 definitely fits this criteria in that the unit is smaller and lighter than the similar previous model of 2013 (Aiper Seagull Pro Lite). Also, the dial has been replaced with a one button approach and further, the charger is smaller. Comparing both models in cleaning, the Aiper Scuba S1 is just as good, if not better than the Seagull Pro Lite (still a fantastic unit) and it definitely cleaned both the floor and walls of our poor well.

The new filter is also an improvement and the “holiday” or vacation mode is fantastic as it allows you to keep your pool nice and clean while you are away for short periods. Charging of course is still the bugbear in terms of charging the robot, however it is a small price to pay in going cord free and of course, if you charge the device after cleaning, you should have no issue the next time you want to clean the pride and joy of your backyard. Although… the solar charging option would also help.

Final Thoughts?

The Aiper Scuba S1 is a solid pool cleaner with excellent smart features. Considering it’s size, this pool cleaner does an excellent job at cleaning up small particles like dirt and larger things like leaves. Setup is easy and once charged a press of the button sets this cleaner on the way.

For more information, please visit www.aiper.com


  • Unparalleled Cleaning Performance with Brushless Motor
    Utilizing a brushless drain motor, the Aiper Scuba S1 vides fantastic power while remaining energy efficient over a longer period of time. the Scuba S1 cleans pools up to 150 m² (1600Sq.Ft) and filtering up to 265LPM (70GPM) of your pool’s water, the dynamic silicon brush guides dirt and debris from your pool floors and walls, into the device’s advanced filtration system.
  • Caterpillar Treads for Superior Mobility
    For edge-to-edge cleaning, no matter what terrain your pool throws at it, the Aiper Scuba S1 is up to the challenge. The caterpillar treads of the Scuba S1 provide greater surfer contact with your pool. Meaning better traction, pinpoint mobility, and superior obstacle traversal along your pool’s floor and walls. Water line skimmer 4cm.
  • Wall Climbing Capabilities
    The Scuba S1 excels when it comes to your walls. The caterpillar treads provide increased traction compared to wheel-based pool cleaners, allowing the Scuba S1 to even climb sloped walls up to 105°. Climbing Ability 90°±15°.
  • WavePath Navigation 2.0 Technology
    WavePath Navigation 2.0 is an Aiper exclusive technology, which employs inertial sensors, acceleration sensors, and infrared sensors on the robot to intelligently navigate the pool bottom. This technology enhances cleaning coverage, eliminating the need for repetitive or missed cleaning areas.
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
    Four Cleaning Modes allow you to choose the cleaning job that’s right for your needs each time you go to clean your pool, eliminating time waste, improving efficiency, and ensuring you always get the clean you want, with the Aiper Scuba S1.
    – Auto Mode: Floor and Wall Cleaning The device will clean the pool floors and walls, while intelligently planning its cleaning route based on its battery level. When the battery level is low, the device will automatically dock and stop cleaning.
    – Floor Mode: The device will clean the pool floor in a S-shaped route, without climbing or cleaning walls. When the battery level is low, the device will automatically dock and stop cleaning.
    – Wall Mode: The device will clean the pool wall in an N-shaped route, without cleaning floors. When the battery level is low, the device will automatically stop cleaning and dock.
    – Eco Mode: The device will clean the pool floor for 45 min once every 48 hours for one week when fully charged.
  • Easy to Use
    The Scuba S1 cordless robotic pool cleaner combines outstanding cleaning performance with а host of user-friendly features including one-click activation, quick water release, self-parking, and more, delivering an ultimate hassle-free pool cleaning experience.
  • Easy to Retrieve
    Comes with a retrieval hook and is equipped with quick water release function the robot is effortlessly easy to retrieve.
  • Easy to Clean
    The top-load filter basket features a user-friendly design, making it easy to lift for quick and convenient access and easy to clean, ensuring effortless maintenance.
  • Extended Product Life
    The Scuba S1 is meticulously crafted for high quality and an extended product life showcasing waterproof and corrosion-resistant attributes that endure varying weather conditions.
  • Great for Large Pools
    Compatible with various pool surfaces: Vinyl, concrete, mosaic tiles, and fiberglass. It can even climb on relatively smooth tiles. Suitable for pools of up to 150 m² (1600Sq.Ft) in size.
  • Suitable for Various Pool Shapes
    Aiper pool robots adapt seamlessly to common pool shapes, including round, square, and irregular, ensuring optimal cleaning performance for your home pool.
  • Optional Power Charging Solar
    Because cleaning your pool should be as simple and effortless as enjoying your pool, Aiper offers optional Solar Panels (sold separately) to power your Scuba S1. The solar panels feature monocrystalline silicon material with a surface coating of ETFE, which offers a high energy conversion rate thanks to its 93% light transmittance. Eliminate the need to manually plug in your device after each cleaning by adding this convenient, cost-effective, energy-saving alternative.


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