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Ahrcéus Interview (uTure 2022) @Ahrceus @utureshow

We catch-up with Ahrcéus, one of the uTure Show’s 2022 finalists to discuss all things streaming!

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Ahrceus, so how did did you get into streaming?

Nothing special, really. I used to stream just once back in the day to simply try the experience, but it was the uTure Show that got me to become a regular streamer—now that’s something
else. The fourth episode of the show challenged us contestants to stream Fall Guys, so I hopped on that streaming parade, and I started enjoying it since.

What were your biggest challenges in becoming a video game influencer?

Reaching a wider audience was the toughest challenge I’ve faced; I’ve been doing content creation for over 11 years, but throughout those years I haven’t been able to build a big enough
community. Thanks to the uTure Show, that all changed. I’m so grateful for the ever supportive and positive community—the GG3—I have today!

Can you tell us about the equipment you are using?

I am currently using the gaming bundle provided to me by the uTure Show, which is powered by Republic of Gamers. For all my gaming/content creation endeavors, I use my Asus ROG Zephyrus M16, connected to my ROG Strix XG27AQ gaming monitor. These are supplemented with my ROG Strix Flare II Animate keyboard, ROG Gladius III wireless mouse, ROG Delta S headset, Elgato Wave:3 microphone, and an Elgato facecam!

How is your online persona different from other influencers?

My online persona is the same as my real-life persona, to be frank. I’m a cheerful and positive streamer who tends to get hyped and excited over engaging gaming moments, such as that of
getting jumpscared or winning a tough competitive game. In essence, I love to spread positivity and sportsmanship online.

Favourite platform?

Ah, YouTube. Twitch is great, but I have grown loving YouTube as a platform, especially that I’ve been making content there for over 11 years now.

Tell us your funniest streaming story?

I haven’t had over five streams my entire life, but there was this one time that I streamed Rainbow Friends on Roblox with my best friend V.A (twntysvnva on YouTube). This was quite funny because we were absolute noobs at the game! Rainbow Friends is a horror experience that involves five ‘friends’ who can jumpscare the players. One of these ‘friends’ was Green, who
jumpscared me on stream, causing me to scream hysterically, haha

Most embarrassing?

I was streaming Rumbleverse one Thursday afternoon with Mikeeey, when we both realized that the stream chat can still hear us even if I have already switched the live scene to a supposedly
‘silent’ scene. Mikeeey and I were basically just finding out how to add each other in-game. Unbeknownst to us, the chat could hear us which ended up being funny.

What advice would you give up and coming streamers?

Aside from the typical ‘never give up’ advice, I’d say learn and hone the technical side of streaming, which involves mastering your streaming software and making the most out of it.
Ensure that you have the best optimized settings for your setup so that your stream can be as smooth as possible. Also, engage with the chat as much as you can! They’re viewing and
participating in your stream in the first place, it’s only right that you interact with them. Make it fun and happy.

And how do you become known in such a very crowded platform?

I suppose create content on video games that are hot at the moment, but ensure that the content you make are either unique and newfound, or engaging and informative. Personally, I
love to make stories and narrative-focused videos, which aren’t easily searched for—but to reach higher heights on YouTube, there should be a good balance between what you love to create and what the platform seeks to promote.

Who’s your favourite streamer and why?

I’d say vkimm (Violet)! She’s an incredible Valorant player and plays the game competitively. Aside from having crisp gameplay and game sense, she has an awesome personality that keeps
me engaged throughout her streams. I just love how she pulls off Jett voice lines so smoothly and clean! She definitely can be a voice actor as well.

Lastly… how do you relax?

I just play video games on my free time. Mostly Roblox, Fortnite, or Call of Duty, just to cool off after a long day. And if I feel groggy and exhausted, I hit the bed. Sleep is king.

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