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Action Comics #988 Review (The OZ Effect Part 2)

Action Comics #988 Review (The OZ Effect Part 2) Andrew Bistak

Summary: Action Comics #988 (The OZ Effect Part 2) provides more questions than answers!


More questions?

After the shocking revelation that Mr Oz was in actual fact Superman’s father Jor-El, the master Man of Steel post-Rebirth writer Dan Jurgens delivers an ‘origin’ issue of how Clark’s biological father became the man he is today. Although dubious of the facts, Clark asks his loyal robot Kelex to scan this ‘Kryptonian’, however his order is not carried out as Jor-El was the creator of this artificial life form, so his orders are trumped.

We also learn that Jor-El has been watching Clark and his grandson all their lives… which is a little creepy. As the issue progresses, the origin commences as Jor-El and his wife Lara attempt to save their son. So while the rocket that carried a young Kal-El to Earth escapes the doomed planet, Jor-El and Lara hold each other’s arms until the bitter end. However something cosmic saves Jor-El as he is engulfed by a blue light and is taken. This blue light has been associated with Doctor Manhattan and is the link to the Watchmen.

Unlike Clark who found himself in a loving family, Jor-El is taken to the worst place on Earth as he witnesses the darkness of mankind, including a Clockwork Orange scene were the captured father of Superman observes the evil history of humanity. Jor-El also states that Earth’s fate is sealed and apologies for sending his son to this world before the scientist of Krypton ‘offers’ to take his son away forever as the issue ends with a Jurgen’s cliffhanger.

Action Comics #988 was an interesting issue and whether this is the real Jor-El or another Jor-El from a different reality remains to be seen. I’m looking forward to see where this all ends, especially with Action Comics #1000 just beyond the horizon and of course, the Doomsday Clock. Complementing this issue was the great art of Ryan Sook who successfully brought Jurgen’s story to life and made this a fun and mysterious read.

Final Thoughts?

Probably one of the most original Superman stories for awhile, I’m eager to see how Dan Jurgens plays this all out and I know there’s going to be plenty more twists, questions and answers to be found along the way. Given that, this issue provided more questions then answers!



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