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Acronis True Image 2014 Updated for Windows 8.1 Certification

The top-selling solution for complete image backups and full system recovery is now certified compatible with Windows 8.1

Sydney, 1 November 2013 – Acronis®, a leading provider of physical, virtual and cloud backup solutions, today announced Acronis True Image™ 2014 compatibility and certification with Windows® 8.1. This update provides the most complete and up-to-date backup solution for PC users, who can now benefit from Windows 8.1 support to optimise their backup solution performances with full and incremental backup to local storage and the Acronis Cloud; individual files, folders and data backup; incremental restore from the cloud; and 5GB of secure Acronis Cloud storage included for one year.

Acronis True Image 2014 is a simple and worry-free way to completely and comprehensively back up your computer’s files and settings through an image backup. An ‘Image backup’ captures all of your files and information, while also saving your computer’s settings (bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.), providing a quick and easy full-system restoration process if needed.  PC users who have lost significant amounts of data know how long and tedious it can be to recover and restore all of their settings and information. Acronis True Image 2014 eliminates the hassle by saving users time. By offering users a version compatible with the latest Windows operating system, Acronis True Image 2014 solidifies itself as the industry-leading full image backup and recovery solution, and continues to support all Windows operating systems back to Windows XP.

Simon Howe, Sales Director ANZ for Acronis, said: “We understand the importance and need for complete image backup and recovery protection; that’s why we’ve been working around the clock to update Acronis True Image 2014. As a result, we’re one of the first backup solutions to offer Windows 8.1 certification, maintaining our position as the most innovative backup and recovery solution available for consumers today. With Windows 8.1 compatibility, we’re ensuring all users are fully protected.”

Acronis True Image 2014 offers a full-system image backup to quickly and easily restore a user’s full computer. This is a key solution that provides consumers using Windows a complete image backup protection and fast restore. Acronis encourages all users to complete a full image backup prior to upgrading to any new operating system, including Windows 8.1.

What’s New?

·         Windows 8.1 Certification – Acronis True Image 2014 is officially certified to support Windows 8.1.

·         Faster Online File Transfer – Acronis True Image 2014 with Windows 8.1 support features parallel upload of metadata and parallel download of data

·         Easier, Unified File Backup – Acronis True Image 2014 users can back up files to both local storage and the Acronis Cloud within one window

·         Improved Support for Multiple PC Households – Acronis True Image 2014 with Windows 8.1 support provides a new wizard to easily solve duplicate product license issues. No more “too many activations” error messages!



Acronis True Image 2014 with Windows 8.1 support is now available for all Acronis True Image 2014 users. Customers will be notified of the update or they can manually update by selecting “check for updates” from the settings menu

For more information on Acronis True Image 2014 features and product offerings, please visit the Acronis website.

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