Published on June 16th, 2020 | by Chris O'Connor

A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex and Disability Review

A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex and Disability Review Chris O'Connor

Summary: If you have questions, this book may well answer them or at least help you better understand how other people enjoy intimate relationships.


Compassionate Passion

I really enjoy the “A Quick and Easy Guide” series. It takes topics that are bound to raise a few questions with many people and answers them in a non judgmental, easy going manner. So when the chance to have a look at A Quick and Easy Guide to Sex and Disability I was happy to peruse. The book aims to help disabled people and their partners better understand each other with the goal of being able to share a deeper connection and explore the realm of sex and sexuality in a way that may open new doors of pleasure and love.


As with the other books in this series the writing here is informative but not at all preachy. It basically takes the stance that the reader is someone who has perhaps some sort of curiousity about the topic either because they themselves have a disability or know someone (perhaps intimately) who has. It starts at the beginning and sets out a few terms, it points out where some people are perhaps meaning well but not really helping. Then it gets into the more specific ideas of how to explore sex and sexuality as either someone with a disability or the partner of someone/s with a disability.


Much like the writing the artwork is non confrontational, sure there are depictions of different bodies (and some people might be uncomfortable with those for whatever reason)… but due to the cartoony illustration style, nothing seems harsh or “in your face”. What this means is that a variety of body types and conditions can be shown and the reader can become more familiar with what those bodies represent, are and are not capable of and how to best interact with the owners of those bodies… all with a much lower chance of the reader being too confronted to be able to continue learning.

Final Thoughts?

We live in an interesting time. Whilst some sections of society are clashing over ideas, ideologies etc… other sections are starting to open their minds and hearts to the vast differences (and similarities) of people around the world. We are all learning (some more willingly than others) and in that sense, if any of my wording in this review is offensive or poorly chosen, I do apologize and am happy to make corrections. I think this is a great book both for people who can directly relate to it and just for people who have a general curiousity about people and the way they interact with each other in an intimate manner. It’s not at all expensive either so it would likely make a great gift/hint for a friend or partner who might need a little help.

Publisher: Oni Press
Writer: A. Andrews
Artist: A. Andrews
Cover Artist: A. Andrews
Genre: Educational, Mature
Format: 67pgs, FC, TPB
Release Date: 3rd June, 2020

About the Author'

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