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A healthier way to game

Australians have accepted that sitting is the new standing and that prolonged periods of sitting in bad for their health. As many gamers may spend in excess of 12+ hours per day sitting, a sit stand desk is a must as finding the perfect space to set up your equipment could improve your health!

VARIDESK has a range of sit stand desks that can be adjusted with ease. They increased concentration, reduced back pain, lower blood pressure and a boost metabolism. The VARIDESK Pro Plus range, has an upper display surface for monitors and screens alongside a lower deck for your keyboard and mouse, perfectly suited to those who many have multiple screens for gaming.

VARIDESK spokesperson Jason McCann says “Gamers may not think twice about what they’re setting their screens up on, however it can have huge impact on your health as well as how you perform”.

A stand-up desk is also great for games that require some movement, or you like to feel more free whilst playing.

VARIDESK produces versatile, high-quality products at an accessible price point. VARIDESK is committed to helping Australians build modern, non-sedentary office and play spaces.

The VARIDESK range of standing desks and accessories are available from http://au.varidesk.com/

Pictured below in the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36. RRP $550.

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