Published on June 21st, 2024 | by Adrian Gunning

A bird monster rises in Fate/Samurai Remnant’s third DLC, “Record’s Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon”

Today, KOEI TECMO Europe and developer Omega Force, alongside collaborators TYPE-MOON and Aniplex Inc., announced that the third DLC for their action RPG, Fate/Samurai Remnant, is now available on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, and PC Windows via Steam®. Entitled “Record’s Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon“, the DLC vol.3 unfolds a new mystery with a “bird monster” sowing chaos in Edo as Yui Shousetsu is transformed into a small child and a new Rogue Servant appears.

Discover the trailer of Fate/Samurai Remnant DLC vol.3 on YouTube

In “Record’s Fragment: Bailong and the Crimson Demon”, players find themselves confronted with strange events as children mysteriously disappear and rumours of evils spirits in Yoshiwara spread. With Spirit Font in turmoil, Miyamoto Iori and Saber must join forces with other aspirants to the Waxing Moon to face new anomalies created by the interference of leylines while attempting to save Edo from destruction. Among these anomalies, Masters and Servants will fight a “bird monster” and meet  a new Rogue Rider, Zhao Yun. By teaming up with this skilled rider, players will be able to strike down their opponents with the point of his spear to help the young Yui Shousetsu return to their true form and return peace to Edo.

Fate/Samurai Remnant is available to purchase in both Standard and Digital Deluxe editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition features the base game, a digital artbook and soundtrack, the Fate/Samurai Remnant Season Pass that includes three DLC sets, and the Season Pass Bonus item “Hallowed Relic Sword Mountings”.

The Fate/Samurai Remnant DEMO is also currently available on all platforms. Starting from the encounter between the protagonist, Miyamoto Iori, and his Servant, Saber, to their first battle against Rider and Lancer, this demo version includes thrilling action as the team explores the town of Asakusa. Save data from the demo can be carried over to the full version*.

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