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68′ Last Rites 001 Review – Image Comics

68′ Last Rites 001 Review – Image Comics Adam Atkinson

Summary: 68' Last Rites is a great read from Image


Zombie Vultures

WARNING – There is some adult language in the comic example below.

Welcome back readers, to another comic review. This week we will be jumping into 68’ Last Rites, which is brought to us by Image Comics. Slated to be a four book miniseries, I was really excited to crack this one open. It could be because it was a zombie story, possibly because there was a lot of history involved with it, or maybe because I knew Reagan was in the story. Yes sir, that Reagan.

Written by Mark Kidwell, with the amazing pen and inks of Jeff Zornow, we are brought a brand new take on a type of story that is flooding the market. Everywhere you go nowadays, you see Zombies. Whether it is video games, movies, books, comics, board games, or any other medium, Zombies seem to be the new Vampires. That being said, it would take a miracle to do something original with them, but I was excited at the prospect of it being done.

Let’s jump right in and see how I felt about this one!



I felt that Kidwell knew exactly what he was going for, and how he was going to get there, before he even began writing this story. It flowed very well, considering it jumped around a lot, I never felt lost or that a certain piece wasn’t needed for the story line.

He does a great job of building suspense, and making action come out of nowhere. The lack of build up before something jumps out of the dark, will keep you on your toes, always watching. The character development is amazing, and you feel for the characters as they try to make their way through this post apocalyptic wasteland.

Well all of this, and writing in Ronald Reagan (who has a zombie vice president) and you have me sold.



The artwork of Zornow was really interesting to see for the first time. His line work, creativity with the panels, and his ability to draw true gritty violence, were all amazingly showcased in this issue. He fills all of the dead space with a lot of intricate details, that works to draw your eyes into the page. You will be rewarded with glorious zombie face biting, ripping people to shreds, and lots of blood and gore when you crack these pages open.

What you will not be rewarded with is clean artwork. I do get doing gritty work for a zombie story, but the entire story is just over the top dirty art work. I definitely feel like there should have been some cleaner art used for at least the backgrounds as a building should not look like it was drawn by me (okay not that bad, but still not great).


The story and artwork did work well together, and it was an enjoyable read. I will be looking for the future issues as I am hooked on seeing what will happen. It is a definite pick-up if you enjoy Zombie stories.  I have decided, by request from you all, to not post too many spoilers about the comic reviews from now on.

You will still get to see a page or two of the comic, and a little bit of basic comic information in the individual reviews, but I will no longer include a comic breakdown, otherwise how will you find out on your own? Thanks for the input, and for helping me grow as your reviewer!

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