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6 Movies we’d like to see as games

Not every movie should be turned into a game. The 2020 adaptation of the Jane Austen period classic, Emma, for example. Yeah, that’s a non-starter. And Oppenheimer, despite its redeeming qualities as a piece of cinema probably wouldn’t translate as a video game. But regardless of whether a game is good or not – that’s often subjective – getting the most out of a title means having the best performing gaming rig going, which is where Alienware comes in.

There have also literally been hundreds of games made into movies, and generally speaking, they’re terrible. But some movies are crying out to be made into games. Here are six flicks we reckon could make the transition to your PC – and actually be good.

  • Barbie (2023). OK, so a billion dollars at the Box Office later, the Margot Robbie starring Barbie movie isn’t short of cash. And yeah, in the past there’s been a bunch of video games based on Barbie – but they’re generally aimed at young kids. How about a grown-up Barbie movie game, where you can be either Barbie or Ken, explore the world of the movie – and maybe even make a comment about the patriarchy while doing so?
    We’d love to see it. And play it. C’mon, Mattel, what are you waiting for?

  • Top Gun: Maverick. So, we’re cheating a bit here. There is a Top Gun: Maverick expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator (in fact, it came out the day the movie was released), but let’s be real, if we’re not locking on to Migs or bogies we aren’t Maverick.
    Which makes the idea of a stand-alone Top Gun: Maverick game so enticing. You could do missions flying F-18 Hornets to bomb a foreign adversary, master the tricky art of landing on an aircraft carrier and – best of all – fly the hypersonic Darkstar, just like Tom Cruise did at the beginning of the film. Flying Darkstar would be a buzz because of its high performance, just like playing the game on a cutting-edge Alienware gaming rig would be.

  • Heart of Stone. This Gal Gadot flick is on Netflix and, yeah, it’s had some mixed reviews. But it’s a solid spy thriller with great tech and would lend itself to a Lara Croft-style game where the heroine, Rachel Stone, battles the forces of evil to keep them from taking over a deadly weapon called “The Heart.”
    Add in a few top-level bosses, a splash of AI gameplay, and Heart of Stone could be a winner. Just don’t think about those mixed reviews.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road: This 2015 post-apocalyptic action film follows a woman who teams up with a group of rebels to escape from a tyrannical warlord. The game could be a vehicular combat game, with the player driving a variety of crazy vehicles through the wasteland, fighting against the warlord’s forces.

  • The Dark Knight. There was a game planned as a spin off to The Dark Knight, but it was cancelled in 2008 and since then, crickets. This is a pity because the movie’s landmark visuals would be ace for an open-world adventure. Players could be The Dark Knight, solving crimes in Gotham and, well, generally just be moody.

  • His Dark Materials. Sure, there was a game based on the first movie, The Golden Compass, but it was widely panned when it was released, and since then, nothing. We’ve never been able to play through the full trilogy. There has also been a TV series along with the movies, and exploring Philip Pullman’s fantasy world as heroine Lyra Belacqua, fighting monsters and crooks, and trying to find a solution to her problems sounds pretty compelling to us. Time for a reboot, we reckon.

Which movies do you think would make great games?

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