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Maria Bonzanigo Interview (La Verità Melbourne 2016)

Welcome to Impulse Gamer Maria! Tell us how you became involved in choreography?

I’ve been working for this company for 30 years, carrying on with my vision, our vision, of theatre, dance, and acrobatics. I am lucky because I can write music and decide how to use it on the scene.

To date, what has been your career highlight?

It depends on what highlight stands for.

Regarding eye-catching projects for the world audience, I’m able to say I’ve taken part to Olympic Ceremonies or to have composed music for Cirque du Soleil’s Corteo show. Personally I consider chamber music writing as much important, even if they’re more discreet.


Growing up, what inspired you enter the arts?

I’ve joined the arts when I was 7. This choice went stronger year by year.

For our readers, how would you explain La Verita?

La Verità proposes to consider dreams as an interior reality. This reality needs to be taken seriously as much as the tangible reality.

Tell us how you became involved in La Verita?

As I was saying, I am cofounder of the Compagnia Finzi Pasca from 30 years. I’m involved from the very inside. I’m part of a common enthusiasm that includes all the founders, all the artists, all the technicians and all the production team. During these years together we have generated a language that belong to us.

What’s your favourite part of La Verita?

Hard to say… I love those moments where the powers of the image and of the performers express beauty, fragility and tenderness.


Was it easy finding all the talented artists?

The world is full of talented people.

What is challenging is to find souls artistically mates, friends, sisters, cousins,…to work with.

What are you most looking forward performing in Melbourne?

I wish the public in Melbourne will be touched from La Verità and that will leave the theatre hall with a light and hoping soul.

La Verità @ Arts Centre Melbourne

Season: 21 – 23 January 2016
Thursday 21 January, 7:30pm
Friday 22 January, 7:30pm
Saturday 23 January, 2pm
Saturday 23 January, 7:30pm

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