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2024 Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair Review

I have secrets to offer…

if you’re a seller or buyer of toys, the 2024 Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair is the place to be – and if you want to know what toys will sell, let a group of children explore this fair and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Okay, I might be exaggerating with the later but there is some truth in that and today, Impulse Gamer and other media outlets, including their families were given an exclusive experience of the 2024 Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair which revolves around current toys, new toys and even prototypes!

The Batmobile was even there and even a giant Care Bear!

Upon walking through the hallowed doors of the 2024 Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair, we were greeted by none other than Batman and Wonder Woman who high fived our children. Pikachu was also walking around and even two of the latest LEGO characters from the new Dreamzzz series. With plenty of photo opportunities, including a life-size Simpsons family on the couch, there were also plenty of prototype toys on displays, including ones that are about to hit the Australian market.

While the 2024 Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair is a collective of toy sellers and the latest products, there were some out of bounds areas that were appointment only which included Mattel and LEGO that definitely left me wondering what new toys were hidden away. Apart from toys, there was more collectibles, board games, craft and even pool toys than I could point a stick Harry Wand at…so yes, there is a massive amount of content and yes, there were also wands from Harry Potter!

From low end toys to high-end collectibles, the fair caters for all sorts of sellers and again if you’re a store, this is indeed the place to be and best of all, everyone in our family uncovered something that we never knew existed. For me, it was the Tonieboxes that when you place a figure on top, it automatically starts to play a story such as that of Marshall from Paw Patrol or Elsa from Frozen. You can even record your own stories and link that to a figure. Another product was the Stormtrooper Terrarium which basically allows you to grow a mini-garden inside a glass helmet. Amazing!

Barbie, LEGO, Ty, Star Wars, DC Comics, Disney, it was all there and more! And yes below is the YouTube phenomenon, Ninja Kidz!

Final Thoughts?

2024 is the Year of the Dragon but after visiting the 2024 Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair, it should be renamed to the Year of the Toy. After exploring this fair with my family, 2024 is shaping up to be a truly amazing year of toys so sellers and parents be ready, the Year of the Toy continues!

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