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Fortnite Summer Smash

The Fortnite Summer Smash took place at the Australian Open on Saturday and Sunday, with a huge turnout of fans attending the event live at Margaret Court Arena, and a steady online viewership of over 20,000 concurrent viewers on

Sunday kicked off with the top 100 solos finals, whittled down from 500 players during Saturday’s heats. Casted by international visitors Benjamin ‘DrLupo’ Lupo and Jon ‘Fallout’ Kefoluokos and Australian personalities Ben ‘Sandman’, Jordan ‘Elfishguy’ Mays and Kori ‘Vandie’ Bassi, players had six games to duke it out for a slice of the $400,000 prize pool.

At the close of the solos, Jesse Eckley, one half of the X2Twins, walked away with a whopping $100,000 and the first place trophy. The high level of competition across the games lead to placements in the top 10 being very close. In the end Jesse’s back to back Victory Royales in games one to three netted him the edge he needed to claim the lion’s share.

Here are the final standings for the top 10 for the Fortnite Summer Smash solo tournament:

Placing Player Overall Points Total Victories Total Eliminations Prize Money
1 Twitch x2Twins 13 3 5 $100,000
2 araki . 12 0 19 $50,000
3 NotNaapr 8 0 16 $50,000
4 Theschnake 6 1 2 $25,00
5 Gosu_Keith 6 0 9 $25,00
6 Jynx Twitch 5 1 11 $25,00
7 Dolf. 5 1 5 $5,000
8 TwitterDevourOCE 5 0 11 $5,000
9 Youtube.Kayez 5 0 10 $5,000
10 TAYLOR_IS_ME 5 0 9 $5,000

The celebrity Pro-Am took place on Sunday afternoon, with the likes of Nick Kyrgios, Dave Hughes and Peking Duk joining LazarBeam, Loserfruit, Lachlan and MrFreshAsian in duos matches for charity. Four players from Korea, four players from Japan and four players from China also traveled to Australia to participate in the show matches.

At the close of the three games, MrFreshAsian and his duo partner, YouTuber turned musician Jacko ‘JXN’ Brazier scored the most points, placing first, and splitting their $50,000 to charities Heaps Decent and

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