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The highly-anticipated tactical role-playing game reveals a new class, the Grenadiers and varied weather systems before its 25th September launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

Sydney, Australia – 21st August 2018 – SEGA ATLUS is proud to reveal the latest additions to Valkyria Chronicles 4 before its release on 25th September. Traverse across diverse environments including radiant countryside, dust-swept battlefields and snow-stricken arctic wastes as you fight for the Federation in its brave battle against the Empire.

Check out the new trailer here

The all-new Centurion will allow you to radio for help, calling in artillery via your ship that can be used to level (quite literally) the playing field. Grenadiers, the brand-new soldier class will be a boon and a burden as you’ll need to dodge their mortar attacks when roaming the battlefield, whilst attempting to harness their powerful attacks yourself to attack unsuspecting enemies. The new “Last Stand” feature will enable Claude or Riley to bring themselves back from the brink of defeat to fight another day. All of these features are underpinned by the beautiful and painted art-style of the Canvas Engine, whilst incorporating third-person shooter design in a first for the series.

Set alongside the original Valkyria Chronicles, the story will focus on Squad E of the Federation on the continent of Europa. Whilst the Second Europan war is being fought between the Atlantic Federation and the Eastern Imperial Alliance, you’ll embark on a last-ditch effort to end the conflict and capture the Imperial capital as part of “Operation Northern Cross”.

Players can try out the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Demo, available now as a free download on the Nintendo Switch™ eShop, PlayStation™Store and Microsoft Store. Get a feel for the innovative tactical BLiTZ system before the full game launches on 25th September. Play through the prologue and first two chapters of the game, as well as an exclusive bonus mission created for the demo.

See you on the battlefield, soldier.


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