Published on June 13th, 2019 | by Tony Smith

100 First Words For Little Geeks Book Review

100 First Words For Little Geeks Book Review Tony Smith

Summary: 100 First Words For Little Geeks is a board book for all geeks!


Geek words!

If you’re a proud dad geek like I am, New South Books has the perfect panacea for you and your baby with 100 First Words For Little Geeks. So rather than teach your little baby those ho-hum everyday words, 100 First Words For Little Geeks successfully channels the world of pop culture and real science in this delightful board book in order to help them on their geeky journey to boldly go where no baby has gone before!

While you teach your baby words such as hoverboard, heart, sai, zombie, lightspeed and integrated circuit, these geek words are also accompanied by some colourful and humorous illustrations that will resonate with the reader and your little geek due to the bright and vibrant colours. Furthermore, the words in the book have been well chosen and range from a plethora of different genres from video games to superheroes, science and even coding.

Final Thoughts?

100 First Words For Little Geeks is a fun book for the entire family that is filled with some great words and impressive illustrations which really draw you in. So as you pass the geek torch to another generation, you can rest assured that this will continue to draw others into these wonderful genres and best of all, you as the reader will also learn a few things along the way.

Live long and prosper!

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