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NBA 2K15 – Welcome to MyPark

2K today revealed details surrounding MyPARK for NBA 2K15, the revolutionary online multiplayer competitive street mode first unveiled in NBA 2K14. This year the stakes are even higher, with new parks, affiliations, competition, rep system, squads and integration with the MyNBA 2K15 mobile app.

  • Affiliations: You’ll pledge your loyalty to one of three affiliations: The Old Town Flyers, the Sunset Beach Ballers or the Rivet City Rough Riders. Each has its own eight-court home park and unique flavour of basketball, emphasised by slight boosts to various aspects of your game.
  • MyPARK Rep: After selecting a park, you’ll begin earning a reputation for yourself with MyPARK rep, an earned-only feature which takes into account not only wins, but your teammate grade and opponents. As your rep increases, you will unlock various MyPARK-specific upgrades.
  • The MyPARK Championship: Beginning October 11 and lasting through the weekend preceding the NBA All-Star game, the MyPARK Championship will pit all three affiliations against one another in weekly rounds of competition. Earn points that count toward the MyPARK Championship, where the winning affiliation will receive a newly designed home park!
  • Jordan Rec Center: If street ball isn’t for you, try out the Jordan Rec Center, which features four full-sized courts and five-minute quarters of 5v5, NBA rules basketball. Games played here also count toward your MyPARK Rep and the MyPARK Championship.
  • Squads: Whether you prefer playing on hardwood or the blacktop, form a Squad with anyone currently in your park by viewing the list of players and sending them an invite. Once you have your team, use any designated Squad area located on each court. When that game is over you will all step onto the court together as a Squad.
  • Additional Features:

o    With the new Attribute Upgrades feature, you will no longer see a park full of 99s that are impossible to guard. You’ll become a specialist depending on how you upgrade your MyPLAYER.

o    MyPARK games have been shortened to 15 points, which will shorten Got Next wait times.

o    With the new always-on game score overlay, you won’t have to change camera angles to find out the current score.

o    The teammate grade meter shows how well you’re playing at a glance without having to bring up the game menu.

o    The MyNBA2K15 mobile app makes it easy to send texts to your squad or anyone in your park. Just type in the app and the text pops up on their screen.

o    Matchups are now based on height with weighting for position rather than simple join order.


The game is out next week. If you’d like a copy for review, drop me a line. Please be sure to let me know which format you’d prefer!

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