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ROCCAT Announces new Australian and European Gaming Ambassadors

Melbourne, 23 June, 2015 – German peripheral manufacturer ROCCAT has extended its commitment to ESPORTS worldwide, signing new Australian gaming ambassadors, Dire Wolves Smite team “Slap N Tickle” and Minecraft YouTuber CorruptCarnage along with European Heroes of the Storm team “WELL MET”.

Dire Wolves “Slap N Tickle” is Australia’s Premier Smite team. They qualified for the Smite Pro League Season 2 OCE Invitational in spectacular fashion and they’re aiming to dominate the OCE SPL this year. The team is made up of players from Australia and New Zealand including two brothers. They have set their sights on qualifying for the Smite World Championships later this year.

“We’re confident our team is capable of delivering nothing but the best, both in practice and in competition.” explains Dire Wolves manager Nathan Mott. “To do so, we trust in ROCCAT for providing our players with products of unparalleled quality and precision. With the backing and support of ROCCAT, an already established powerhouse in esports, we’re thankful for the amount of exposure and guidance they’re able to provide us with — helping the Smite squad actualise their goals.”

CorruptCarnage aka Leigh Striven has recently been brought on board as a ROCCAT ambassador in Australia. He is an avid gamer who creates Real Life Minecraft videos on YouTube. With his views reaching into the millions CorruptCarnage’s videos offer a unique take on the world of Minecraft from building a shelter to gathering fruit and finding water to making an Aussie Breakfast of Champions.

“When I was contacted to become a ROCCAT ambassador, I was extremely excited.” said CorruptCarnage. “The thought of working with a mutli-national company that designs and engineers gaming products, by gamers, for gamers, was incredible. I look forward to continuing to grow my channel well into the future, whilst remaining a ROCCAT ambassador!”

Further afield ROCCAT has signed European Heroes of the Storm team “WELL MET”. The group boasts two well-known former StarCraft II pros in “Socke” and “HasuObs”, both from Germany. Together with their teammates ShadowmaRex (Germany), sportbilly (Croatia) and Survol_T (France), they managed to achieve a 70% win rate last month. The team is currently ranked #1 in the European ESL Major League Season.

Markus Frey, Head of Marketing at ROCCAT, on the acquisition: “We believe in the potential of Heroes of the Storm as an eSports title and we think this team has an especially good composition. Having two experienced players who know how to perform under pressure in tournaments and important games helps a lot”.

The new players will be part of Team ROCCAT alongside the League of Legends division and SCII veteran.

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