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Gameplay 9.4
Graphics 9.7
Sound 9.7
Value 9.5
Distributor: Activision
Review Date:
April 2005
Tory Favro


Doom 3
(Standard Edition)

Holy bloody scary game Batman! I am pleased to tell you all that this is one game that really needs to be looked at by anyone who enjoys first person shooters. One of the first things I am going to say is, if you are looking to make the most out of this game, make sure you RUN, yes RUN to your games shop and get the limited collectors edition of this game for reasons that I will discuss later in the review. But trust me, stop reading now because if you are still reading you might just miss out on the superior version of the game. 

For those with their heads up their bums, Doom is the game that most of us remember as being the game that made us really stop and take notice of this new genre after the success of Wolfenstein. Doom was the first time a game truly had me scared as I battled against a pixelated army from hell. In any case I digress into the blissful past where the 486 reigned supreme. 

We are covering the standard edition of this title however I can let you in on what you are missing in the collectors edition. First things first, this game is an absolute dream to play, when it comes to gameplay and all round quality, everything in this title is going to make you very very glad that you bought it. In fact, I'd go so far to say that this is one of the best releases for XBox this year and possibly to date with a few noted exceptions that you can read about on the other pages of this website. 

You are once again an unamed marine that has been sent on detachment to the Union Aerospace Corporation on Mars where a number of highly questionable and unethical experiments have taken place. One experiment involving travelling through portals has lead the scientific team directly into hell. People are going missing with explanation, mysterious laughs and voices are echoing down the halls. Tensions are high and everyone just wants off the planet just as quickly as they can. 

Just in case you didn't know, this version of Doom 3 is a port from the PC version of the game but with a truckload more spice to make it twice as nice, well the Deluxe edition anyway. Vicarious Visions have done an amazing job of transferring this awesome game from the PC to the popular XBox format. There have been some changes made to the game to deal with the format that the title is running on but unless you are a fanatic player of the PC version you are not going to notice little bits and pieces that have been altered. Possibly the most striking difference would have to be that you do not venture outside during the game, unlike  on the PC which personally I did not care for anyway. The amounts of time that we did so were limited and are really not going to be missed in the greater scheme of things. 

The feeling of being at your wits end during this game is fantastically realised throughout it's entirety and there are very few times where you won't be on edge and turning around sharply at every noise that comes out from behind you! Audio plays a massive part in this title and quite frankly scared the pants out of me for the entire game!!!!! From the scary sounds that constantly pervade every single imaginable environment that you will traverse through. Creature sound effects are amazing and what I found scariest of all was the intermittent blasts of garbled static coming out from your radio headset. Music is a rock type soundtrack that suits the mood perfectly and frankly from the experience I've had playing this game, audio has got one of the most immersive uses that I've had the pleasure to come across.

Graphically this game is a treat as well and seriously would have to be the best looking game currently on the XBox. Ironically when I started the title and the game started playing the little intro movie at the beginning, I cringed when I saw the pixellation and the lag and despair sunk in, thinking that it was all too good to be true. Tough it out my young friends as it's just a crappy compressed film and everything else about the title is all top notch. Animations you see in this game, have to be seen to be believed and overall the title staggered me from start to finish. Fluid movement, brilliant graphics and one of the scariest shooters on the market. In fact I'll correct myself here, this is currently the scariest shooter on the market hands down. 

I'm not the sort of guy who normally comments too much upon the online side of things when reviewing a title unless it is online only. I am of the firm belief that if a title cannot hold it's own being played at home by yourself, then I simply am not going to give it the time of day to see what it does online. Doom 3 was different. Why? On the standard edition of the game, it's the only way that you can play co-op without a system link cable, another XBox and TV. You still need it this way too but at least your chances increase when you are buddied up with someone online. Co op is sweet and although a little bit of stuff is cut out, it's still all good. Of course there are the obligatory deathmatch modules et al but All things said and done you simply must own this title and I would strongly urge anyone who is considering this purchase to exhaust all options on getting the collectors edition before settling for the standard one.. However before I tell you about that edition here are the scores for this release. 

Postscript: For those of you still reading to find out what is in the collectors edition, get ready to hold onto your panties as you have most likely missed out by now. Mass shortages on product meant that many shops who ordered 40+ copies got only 2 of them. This was the case where I went and bought the collectors edition after reviewing the standard. 

Ability to play split screen on the one TV is supreme, especially in cooperative mode RULES. Every game should have this feature and I really donít get why the standard edition didnít have this. Not everyoneís buddy has an Xbox, TV and either a live account or the ability to drag their stuff over to your house just so they can play.

There are photos, interviews and everything that you could possibly wish to have in a special edition, however apart from the split screen option there is also the option to go old skool and play the original doom and doom 2! Single Player & Cooperative, these babies are here to have a ton of fun with.

I just wish I could work out how to split the screens vertically as currently they are horizontally split. But thatís just me and I am outtie. Here are the scores for the Collectors Edition

Gameplay 10

Graphics 9.7

Audio 9.7

Value 10


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