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LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes Wii U Review - -
LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes
Reviewed by
James Wright
LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes II Wii If you love the LEGO games in the console world or more recently, LEGO City Undercover than LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes is a must have game for your Wii U.

Gameplay 8.8
Graphics 8.5
Sound 9.0
Value 8.9
Distributor: Warner
Reviewer: James Wright
Review Date: June 2013


LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

What happens when the greatest detective meets the DC Universe? The answer is LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes that stars Batman and a plethora of awesome DC Comics characters (over 70 to be precise) such as Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman in this open world LEGO game plus dastardly villains such as Gorilla Grodd and even General Zod! The story of LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes is prompted by the Joker and Lex Luthor who threaten Gotham City to the core and it is up to these heroes to work together in order to put an end to the danger and save the citizens of this city. It's a classic LEGO adventure!

With that said, if you played the previous LEGO Batman game then you're in for a bigger treat with the sequel which features some classic LEGO DC Super Hero moments that had me grinning from ear to ear in fanboy glee. What I loved about LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes are the comedic moments in the game, especially the facial features of these LEGO characters plus the super powers and extremely fun gameplay that is given to the player.

A big change from previous LEGO games, whether LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Harry Potter is that the series has gone open world and gone are the linear pathways. The title is reminiscent of LEGO City Undercover and makes the game more akin to something like Batman Arkham City as the entire city is now interactive which not only allows you to get lost in the city but there's plenty of action to be found apart from the main storyline such as helping out the good citizens of Gotham City.

Best of all, the developers Traveller's Tales have successfully implemented the gamepad into the title. Unlike the PS3 or XBOX 360 versions, the gamepad is turned into an interactive pad which clearly points you in the right direction when you want to return to the main storyline. The added map definitely makes the game more accessible. Another element of the Wii U version is that you can play the game just on the GamePad itself which is ideal if your annoying family member or loved one wants to use the TV. This also opens up the game for local multiplayer with one person using the TV and the other the Gamepad. Given that, the main gameplay of previous LEGO games is intact such as completing missions, finding items, working with your partner plus destroying and rebuilding the world of LEGO. It's almost flawless!

Although combat is at times quite simplistic, especially the "thugs" in the game, the villains do provide somewhat of a more challenging endeavour. Even though the game is a button masher on the Wii U, there's something very satisfying about the experience. I also love how the developers have incorporated other DC villains into this Batman title such as Sinestro (Green Lantern's nemesis) or Captain Boomerang, one of the Flash's rogues gallery members. Batman however is the central character in this game but playing other DC Characters such as Superman is a pure treat. Nothing is more satisfying than flying around Gotham City as Superman and given the difference between Batman and Superman, each character plays slightly differently. There even costumes to unlock and vehicles to drive such as the Batplane... very cool. All in all, the gameplay works perfectly on the Wii U.


Graphically, the developers Traveller's Tales have successfully merged LEGO with the DC Universe to create this over the top LEGO adventure that feels like you are in a DC Comic Book. Characters are another highlight of the graphics and whether it's Superman, Robin or Green Lantern, an intergalactic police officer, the mannerisms and uniforms perfectly compliment their comic book counterparts. Backgrounds are as equally impressive, especially the LEGO created Gotham City.

The cutscenes of the game enhance the overall story and the comedy, especially the great references to the comics themselves. Unlike previous LEGO games where the characters just made squeaks and grunts, LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes uses voice actors to portray the characters and best of all, some of these actors are from the animated and other game series that include Nolan North, Jennifer Hale and Clancy Brown. Kudos to the developers again for merging the music of Danny Elfman (Batman) and John Williams (Superman), thanks to Rob Westwood who creates this classic superhero soundtrack.  

Final Thoughts? 

If you love the LEGO games in the console world or more recently, LEGO City Undercover than LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes is a must have game for your Wii U. Not only does it feature more DC Comic characters than you can poke a LEGO stick at but the gameplay has been refined for the Nintendo Wii and the inclusion of the Gamepad creates this really fun experience that should not be missed. Highly Recommended!


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