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Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 8.7
Sound 8.6
Value 9.4
Distributor: EA
Eddie Millarion


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play is probably the best, if not greatest golf game on the Nintendo Wii that features good graphics, flawless gameplay and good old fashioned fun which promises fans of the golfing genre the most realistic experience to date.

Although previous installments of the series seemed like "ports", this current version has been specifically redesigned for the Wii console and its capabilities. Match that with some great multiplayer options and this could almost be considered the definitive golf gamer ever. Even Tiger Wood's coach Hank Haney will be around to give you some pointers on how you are playing as you attempted to go from rookie to seasoned veteran.


  • Performance Coach The TOUR pros have their own coaches and now you do too. Tiger Woods real life coach Hank Haney will guide you through your career right from the start and help you improve your skills as you play each of your rounds. Haney is constantly watching your performance and assessing areas for improvement, providing you tips on how to increase your skills.

  • Tune Your Clubs to Maximize Your Swing With the all new Club Tuner you'll be able to tune your individual wedges, irons, woods and driver to customize your bag and get the most out of every club. But strategy will come into play as you must weigh the risks of club performance versus ease of use. So tune wisely!

  • Dynamic Skills All-new Dynamic Skills eliminates the chore of building your character up from scratch with skills you set at the beginning of your career. Based up on your performance after each round, your skills will go up and down.

  • Enhanced EA SPORTS GamerNet Personalize your experience on EA SPORTS GamerNet like never before. With the all new Instant Challenges you can earn points in any game mode and climb the Daily GamerNet leaderboards. These Instant Challenges - long drive, approach shots and putting, will appear throughout every round, providing a multitude of opportunities to earn GamerNet points while playing other modes.

  • New Online Mode - In addition, to turn based play an all-new 4-Player Online Simultaneous Play will allow you to compete in a four person round in the same time it takes to play single player. No more waiting for your buddies to hit their golf shot. You will see ball trails from each of your playing partners as the foursome plays the hole at the same time. Finish the hole first and switch over to spectator mode where you'll see your partners characters as they finish up the hole.

  • New Courses and Golfers New challenges await with exotic new locations including Gary Player Country Club in South Africa, Wentworth Country Club in England, Sheshan Golf Club in China, Wolf Creek in Nevada and Bay Hill Country Club in Florida. Adding international flavor to the available golfers in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09 are Si Re Pak, Darren Clarke, Nick Dougherty and Rory McIlroy.

The main gameplay of the title is the career mode which includes a variety of different tournaments that include the PGA Tour, FedEx Cup and the Tiger Challenge. Once you start playing these tournaments, you better make sure you have plenty of time of your hand as it's almost like playing real golf, although you don't get the walking aspect.

Before starting the game, you first need to create your golfing avatar that will be your player in the golfing world and you can modify almost everything on your player from hair styles to body type and even age. It's great fun attempting to create your player and I almost got a perfect match to my real-world safe... minus the golf skills though. Probably the most noticeable feature to this version of Tiger Woods is the introduction of the Club Tuner that allows you to weak the settings of your club and adds to the realism of the title and also the gameplay.

The gameplay of Tiger Woods on the Wii is almost perfect and the developers have really catered for the unique control system of the console as you swing the controller like a real club to hit your ball. Needless to say if you have played Wii Sports Golf, this is miles superior and works quite well. For those novice players, the game also supports an easier control system that is more lenient towards your hits, so the game is definitely aimed at a variety of different levels which is great.

The game also contains a plethora of interesting and fun mini-games from Mini-Putts to Capture the Flag and my favourite, Battle Golf that add a unique twist to the franchise and world of console golf. You can even play these games with three other people (four in total) for some great golf party games that is great fun and will hopefully move people away from Wii Sports.

Where the title does shine is through its online mode that allows you play against three gamers online for some awesome virtual golfing. The best part of the online mode is that you don't have to wait for the next player to hit as you can all play at once. The speed of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play is also quite sturdy online with little to no slowdowns experienced at all. There's also a variety of lobbies to join and a great online world rank leader board to see where you rank in the world of competitive online golfing... brilliant!

Graphically, although not as impressive as the PlayStation 3 or XBox 360 Tiger Wood's golf games, the Wii version has received a well needed face over with realistic textures, impressive lighting effects and some great golfing environments. Even though the graphics may not be par with the high end consoles, the gameplay far beats these two traditional consoles. It's about time that the Wii won one over its competitors and it's successfully succeeded in this aspect.

In conclusion, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play is a must have golfing game for the Wii with almost perfect gameplay, good graphics and great sporting fun that has not been seen on this console before. Go out and buy this game now! Tons of gameplay modes, tournaments, courses... it's perfect!


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