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Gameplay 9.1
Graphics 9.0
Sound 9.2
Value 9.1
Distributor: Activision
Review Date:  November 2010
Michael Marsh


Goldeneye 007

In the console world, there is one first person shooter that is held in high regard above others and that game is Goldeneye, one of the most influential games of the last century... 1997 to be precise. Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 (N64) basically made first person shooters accessible to console users by streamlining the controls, adding superior graphics and more importantly, some flawless gameplay that is still in the hearts of many gamers today.

So here we are again, 13 years later as Goldeneye 007 once again makes a thrilling comeback to the Nintendo Wii but more importantly, it's boasts a new 21st century facelift as gamers don the role of James Bond, superspy extra ordinate and master assassin.

Although the developers of this latest Wii instalment have borrowed some elements from the original Nintendo 64 version, this game is more based on the actual movie as opposed to the original game. However, the biggest change visually is that the original actor to play James Bond in Golden Eye, Pierce Brosnan has been replaced with the latest James Bond, Daniel Craig. This may be a no-no for purists but it actually works and does give the game a more modern twist with the current James Bond and best of all, Craig also lends his voice for some additional James Bond realism.

Like the original, this current instalment contains a very enjoyable and in-depth campaign mode that allows for a variety of Wii control configurations such as the wiimote to traditional GameCube controllers. This is where the game shines on the Nintendo Wii because no matter what control system you choose, they all feel quite good but when it comes to purists like myself, you cannot beat the classic configuration (ala GameCube) and for this game, it just feels right. Even though you are lacking the analog stick feel, something about it just hits home. To compliment the control system, you then have all the enjoyable missions that you engage in as Bond from all his gadgets, outrageous scenarios and the weapons.

Gameplay wise, Goldeneye 007 contains a wealth of gaming features that include 40 different characters, 8 classic Bond characters, 5 maps, 3 standard modes and 16 special modifiers. Multiplayer has been upped from 4-player from the original game to 8-players online with a wealth of unlockable content, an XP system (ala Call of Duty) and even the ability to use the Wii Zapper as a point and shoot game. Yes my friends, it's good to be a Wii gamer again but just be warned, that pesky AI can sometimes give you grief.

With reference to that, the AI in the game is quite apt and certain levels will give you a run for your money but fortunately the balance is just enough to be challenging without it getting frustrating. The game is not all about killing (well most of it is) but generally you also need to employ stealth, tactics and melee combat to assist in your progression that also breaks up the shooting aspect of the title. It's cool how the developers have added certain "Bond" moments into the story where you need to do something outrageous and even though it's a little forced, it works perfectly and is a little like a quicktime event.

At times, Goldeneye 007 mirrors Call of Duty due to its competent game mechanics and online features which only enhances the limited N64 gameplay of the original. Yes, we all know the original game was a blast but compared to modern first person shooters, it has aged and that's why this current instalment works so well, it's received a well deserved 21st century facelift.

Another highlight of the original was four-player split screen and yes, four-player split screen still exists here and best of all, TV's have definitely grown in size since 1997, so four-player split screen works even better. It's just hard not to cheat. Online gamers will also enjoy the various gameplay modes like Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch  and there are up to 8 different gameplay modes to the player plus a user-friendly lobby system.

Unlike Call of Duty, this game does not support any voice chat online which is a shame but even so, it does not really hamper the gaming experience that much. If you're up for another challenge and want a break from multiplayer but have already finished the game, you can try it on another difficultly because there are multiple path options for your Bond to trial which is definitely great for replay value. At the end of the day, as your shooting enemies, ducking behind crates and doing general "Bond" stuff, this is easily the best FPS that I have played all year... even on the high end consoles.

Graphically, this is one impressive game on the Nintendo Wii with some great gaming environments, detailed characters, good special effects and some nice lighting effects. There are even cutscenes to help progress the story along and certain elements have that true Bond type vertigo atmospheres. The likeness of the characters compared to their movie counterparts is also there so when you see Jaws... you see the actor who played Jaws. The only drawback to the graphics which do look sexy is that at times, is the frame rate that does play a little havoc with things.  To compliment the graphics, the soundtrack is taken directly from the Bond movies and when that familiar theme song begins, your adrenaline starts pumping.

So yes, here we are again and James Bond has returned into the gaming world once more and is bigger than ever thanks to Activision. Some of the nostalgia remains from the original N64 and some of it is lost but at the end of the day, this game is definitely it's own master and is quite distinct from the original. The story is thoroughly entertaining thanks to the James Bond references, the gameplay is enjoyable and the control system is perfect. If you love first person shooters or you're a huge James Bond fan, than this game has definitely been made for you. Best first person shooter to have ever graced the Wii? Probably So!


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