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Little Big Planet
Reviewed by
James Wright
Little Big Planet PS Vita Review. With sturdy gaming mechanics, loveable characters and the ability to share and download other peoples creations and Little Big Planet is a must have game for the PS Vita!

Gameplay 9.0
Graphics 9.0
Sound 8.5
Value 9.0
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
Sep 2012
James Wright


Little Big Planet

One of the most innovative games for the PlayStation 3 receives a PS Vita makeover with Little Big Planet arriving on this amazing portable console. As owners of the PlayStation 3 got lost in the original game, they embarked on an amazing journey that include a story mode of Little Big Planet and even made their own levels and downloaded other gamers brave new worlds which is also true of the PS Vita version.

So the biggest question that PS Vita owners want to know about this game is how does it play on this portable console? The answer is flawless and the developers of this title have successfully ported the game to this console which features the same fun gameplay but more importantly, the designing of your own arcade games is even better than the PlayStation 3. The game also supports the innovative controls of the system such as the cameras, gyroscope and touch screen. You can even take photos of yourself or even your pets to star in the game which is pretty awesome in itself.

At its heart, Little Big Story is a faux 3D platforming game that requires players to control the enigmatic Sackboy as he makes his way through a variety of cartoon inspired worlds with the inspirational Stephen Fry narrating the story of our new hero. The story of Little Big Planet requires the player to help their Sackboy or Sackgirl end the tyranny of The Puppeteer who was once the world's greatest performer but when he was heckled by his last audience, he has become a villain of epic proportions. As you venture through the various worlds of Little Big Planet such as the colourful and wondrous Circus of La Marionetta, you will meet strange beings who will assist you with your goal and others who will hinder your process.

As an arcade game, the main adventure of Sackboy is actually quite fun and some the special effects and level designed employed in the game look fantastic thanks to the OLED screen. What's great about the arcade elements of Little Big Planet for the PS Vita are the gaming physics which feel just right, especially with the controls of the console. If the gaming environment feels too small, you can simply pinch the screen to zoom and best of all, the controls are so responsive. The single-player campaign albeit quite short will keep most owners of this console thoroughly pleased thanks to the level design, the enemies that they encounter plus the fun puzzles.

However where Little Big Planet on the PS Vita comes into its own unique element is with its Play, Create & Share capabilities which allows you to create your own worlds and then share them with the bigger PS Vita community that is social gaming at its best. Whether you want to create your pseudo Super Mario game or even a racer, the developers give all the tools required to the gamer. Thanks to the touch screen of the PS Vita and the ability to pinch, rotate and zoom, creating levels is actually quite an easy process but just be warned, it is time consuming. Touch screen tools is definitely the way of the future for me. The community of Little Big Planet for the Vita is growing considerably and sharing your designs is quite easy as is downloading other peoples creations.

In terms of the solo game, there is definitely a second playing of this title for the single-player campaign because as Sackboy, you need to collect stickers and getting them all can be a daunting task. There are also several hidden areas that you more than likely missed the first time around and when you do complete the single-player game, the title opens up additional levels, game modes and costumes for Sackboy.

Apart from single-player, Little Big Planet also supports up to four players via competitive or co-operative play. Co-operative plays is definitely where Little Big Planet comes into its own as it is quite reminiscent of old school Nintendo titles or Ubisoft recent arcade release of Rayman. You can also play a turn based multiplayer on one console and even two people on the same console thanks to the touch screen like air hockey for one of its mini-games. Although both these concepts work well, you cannot beat multiplayer online.


With high definition graphics, there hasn't been an arcade gamed that has ever looked this good on a portable device. Whether it's the characters themselves, the detailed worlds or the overall presentation of the game, Little Big Planet on the PS Vita is a graphical delight. Colours are vibrant and textures are quite detailed. One downside to the graphics is the loading time of the title which can be forgiven thanks the great graphics. Audio is equally as good, especially the music and the delightful Stephen Fry voicing the game.

Final Level

Compared to the PlayStation 3 version, Little Big Planet is a far superior game thanks to the unique control system of the PS Vita. Graphically, it is almost identical to the PS3 version but thanks to the controls, creating your own Little Big Planet worlds is a considerable easier task. Add in sturdy gaming mechanics, loveable characters and the ability to share and download other peoples creations and Little Big Planet is a must have game for the PS Vita!


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