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Gameplay 9.9
Graphics 9.0
Sound 9.9
Value 9.9
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
June 2006
Andrew B


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Welcome to a weird and wonderful place, inhabited by colourful, jelly-like creatures called LocoRoco; itís like nowhere youíve ever been before! The premise of the game is simple; you have to guide your LocoRoco from the start point to the goal at the end of the level, eating food and growing in size as you go. You donít control your LocoRoco as such, but instead dictate the direction it bounces and rolls in by tilting the ground up to 45 degrees in either direction by pressing the [L] and [R] buttons. LocoRoco can also jump by pressing both [L] and [R] buttons together to skillfully avoid enemies and obstacles. The fatter your LocoRoco is when you reach the goal, the more points you get.

Tetris, Lemmings and Puzzle Bobble are games that have not only stood the ages but also revolutionized the gaming world with their unique and addictive gameplay that spawned dozens of clones worldwide. Since then, games have relied on previous versions and gameplay to spawn new creations that although left the gaming feeling somewhat satisfied, some also craved for more. Fortunately for these gamers, Sony have released one of the most amazing, addictive, cheerful and entertaining games of the year called LocoRoco that has the gamer controlling a plethora of LocoRoco's in order to rescue their fellow friends from the clutches of the dreaded Moja Troop.

The story of LocoRoco revolves around the tale of a peaceful faraway planet that is filled the cheerful and joyous LocoRoco's who sing in majestic harmony and valued each other more than anything in the world. Unfortunately for this peaceful race, an insidious race called the Moja Troop have invaded the planet while these peaceful beings napped and it's time for the gamer to assist the LocoRoco's to liberate their planet.

As mentioned earlier, some of the best and most memorable games are those that contain simplistic gameplay that is easy to learn but difficult to master and LocoRoco is no stranger to this genre. By tilting, rolling and jumping, the player moves their LocoRoco's through over 40 different colourful and bright 2D environments that is accompanied by some of the most enjoyable and "cute" music to have ever graced a console game.

As each level starts, the player starts with one LocoRoco to their arsenal and as you move through the gaming world, you soon collect more and more LocoRocos as they merge into one large LocoRoco that adds to the gameplay of the title. With that said, there are certain areas in the game that your incredibly large LocoRoco cannot access but fortunately for you, by pressing the circle button, your LocoRoco bursts into dozens of smaller LocoRocos that changes your gaming strategy.

The control system of LocoRoco is pure genious and uses the shoulder buttons to control these cute little creatures by making them roll and jump in a certain way. As the Moja Troop have destroyed much of the vegetation on the planet, these creatures have the ability to help re-vegetate the planet which is also a key aspect to the title.

As you roll your way through the gaming environment, the player must avoid the Kojya (part of the Moja Troop) who stick to the LocoRoco and impair their mobility. This is not the only enemy that the LocoRoco must contend with as the Moyja are larger than the Kojya and will do anything they can to capture your friends. Last but not least are the Ojya that are the boss of the Mojya and without saying more, they are a true deadly annoyance to your existence. Other creatures that exist in the game include the Musukusu who eat the LocoRoco, the Toge, a creature with spikes that hurts the LocoRoco, the Bottyo-ro, an owl with splinters and the Ho-Ho, a creature that uses its long legs to catch the LocoRoco.

Fortunately the LocoRoco have some friends on their side that include the MuiMui, the Nyokki and Chuppa who help the LocoRoco's get to other areas of the level by blowing, pushing and helping them with hidden clues. Although the main hero in the game are the LocoRocos, as you slowly progress through the title, you'll eventually meet another 5 different types of these strange little critters, each with their own unique songs that they sing.

Graphically, LocoRoco may not be your Burnout Legends or SOCOM but does not try to mimic any other title and although the gaming world is based in a 2D environment, it can contains bright vivid colours with extremely bright characters that all merge together to form something that would not be akin to a Japanese cartoon that is solely aimed at children.

With that said, the game does contain a few impressive 3D style effects such as the LocoRoco rolling or merging with other LocoRocos. The developers have also done a brilliant job at recreating the different style of environments that you participate in, whether its the arctic wastelands, the colourful forests or the insides of some strange beast, LocoRoco is easily one of the most impressive games of the year with its scalable 2D environment.

Apart from the heroes of the game, the LocoRocos, the next hero is the addictive music that is undoubtedly sickeningly cute but I must admit, it had me bopping to the wee hours of the night that makes it extremely difficult to put this game down. There are also a variety of other sound effects from the sounds of LocoRoco's getting hurt or the subtle background sounds such as the gusts of air or the dreaded Moja Troop.

In conclusion, LocoRoco is easily the best game that I have played in a few years with its original interface, addictive gameplay, attractive graphics and best damn music on any console game, match that with a wide gamut of mini-games and this is what mobile gaming should be... pure unadulterated fun! Highly Recommended! Still don't believe me? Log onto and give it a shot... online!


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