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Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 7.5
Sound 7.5
Value 8.0
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
July 2008
Kent Williams


Buzz! Master Quiz

Buzz! for PSP? I must admit I was a little apprehensive on whether this would be a good game for the PSP and more to the point, whether it would contain the same excitement from the PS2 or PS3 versions.

Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised and Buzz! Master Quiz for PSP is not a port for this popular handheld gaming console but rather its own master that successfully converts the franchise to the portable gaming market.

For those unsure of the Buzz! phenomena, it's basically a quiz show that allows the player to answer a variety of questions from movies, music, science and TV to name a few of the genres available to the player.

With over 5,000 questions and a variety of new gameplay options for the PSP, Buzz! Master Quiz is definitely an entertaining game on the PSP and also supports a sturdy multiplayer mode.

Some of the gameplay modes are almost like a brain trainer as the player is racing against the clock to answer the questions. The PSP version also has access to over 1000 pictures, videos and every question is spoken by Buzz's co-host.


  • Three new multiplayer modes, all requiring either just one PSP or one copy of the game to enjoy: Pass Around, Game    Share and Quiz Host
  •  Bigger and better single player mode than ever before, with 15 quiz challenges to test your knowledge to its limits
  •  Six all-new single and multiplayer round types specially created for PSP
  •  Over 5000 unique questions alongside over 1000 licensed picture and video assets
  • Eight question categories: Music, TV, Science, Celebrities, Nature, Sport, Movies and General Knowledge

In single player, the gamer must compete in a variety of different challenges in order to become a quiz master. Similar to the PS2 and PS3 versions, the gameplay modes have been modified quite well for the single-player mode as the gamer must answer a plethora of questions on TV, music, science and the like.

Gameplay modes such as Picture This, Rollover, Pass the Bomb, Snap Shot and Virus do make the single player aspect of the game quite entertaining and keeps the quiz questions quite varied and challenging. Generally as you are playing against the clock, the title is sometimes frustratingly difficult yet thoroughly enjoyable.

In order to progress, you must achieve "bronze" in certain gameplay modes in single player, however silver and gold are also available. Once you have finished the level, you can attempt to play it again in order to beat your score and after playing it for more than a week now, only a few questions have been repeated so far.

The multiplayer aspect of Buzz! Quiz Master is a little lacking on the PSP but it does try and gives the player three different modes. Quiz host allows you to play against 2 to 6 players with one player being the verbal quiz host who reads out the questions to the players with a choice of answers and then they assign points to the correct players. It's basically being a game host, however on the portable world of the PSP. This is probably the title that is a little lacking, however if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, it might be kind of cool

The game sharing option allows you to play fastest finger across the WLAN and is unfortunately quite limiting, however where the game does shine in multiplayer is "Pass Around" that allows you to play up to 6 players, with each player getting a chance to use the PSP as it is passed around. Quite fun and does pay homage to the original Buzz versions.

Graphically, the title is quite reminiscent of Buzz on the PS2 with quite a few characters making a return on the PSP Version. The video and sound bites are good and although the graphic engine is quite simplistic, it suits the genre perfectly. Sound wise, Buzz (Jason Donovan) is as annoying as ever and the game contains enough "quiz" show sound effects to assist in the gaming experience.

In conclusion, Buzz! Quiz Master will definitely cop some negativity in terms of the limiting multiplayer options and that the solo version is not as entertaining as the original game. I beg to differ, as the solo mode is more a brain trainer quiz game that is quite addictive, especially to those that enjoy the quiz type games. It's a well presented game that captures elements of the original title and successfully converts it to the PSP.


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