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Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 8.6
Sound 8.6
Value 8.5
Distributor: Warner Bros
Review Date:
June 2007
Tyrone Williams


300 March to Glory

300 March to Glory is inspired by the blockbuster Warner Bros movie "300" which revolves around the tale of King Leonidas and his army of 300 as he staves off Xerxes and his Persian army. Gamers are transformed into this legendary King as he attempts to thwarts this demi-god in this action/fighter that will leave players craving for more!


  • In 300: March To Glory, players will unleash the full fury of the Spartan army using the unique Wrath combat system where a Spartan’s health is determined by timely use of defensive battle skills and mastery of vicious and deadly Wrath Attacks.
  • Players will fight alone, as King Leonidas and as the Spartan phalanx, the group formation featured in the film, against the mighty Persian army.
  • In the visceral, action-packed 300: March To Glory, players have the ability to battle the enemy with three distinct and upgradeable weapon sets: o Sword & Shield – The most basic weapon set of the Spartan soldier. o Spear & Shield – A more strategic weapon set, requiring pace and rhythm for success in battle. o Dual Swords – An unlockable weapon set which, once learned, is the most deadly.
  • 300: March To Glory replicates the movie and graphic novel’s intensity of violence, blood, and mutilation; throughout the course of the game, players can unlock over 20 distinct combination moves with which they can decapitate, dismember, and disembowel their enemies.

In its essence, 300 March to Glory is your traditional arcade fighting game where the gamer must engage with a variety of different foes in order to stop Xerxes rampage on Sparta. Although your Spartan begins with just a sword and a spear, as you progress through the game, you are awarded points for defeating your foes that can then be used to purchase additional items such as armour and weapons or upgrade your characters abilities.

These abilities or special attacks allow you to cut your way through the enemy ranks and are usually pulled off by pushing the correct sequence of buttons such as X, Square and Circle. Certain weapons are more suited for particular foes, for instance only a spear can penetrate certain enemies by spearing your way through their defenses. Although the majority of combat is your character versus one to five enemies, some missions require you to fight with the other Spartans with all your characters attacking in unison.

There are some interesting parts of the game such as the rain of arrows and by pushing the right button on the PSP, you can use your shield to block these attacks. These little things which were made big in the movies and have flawlessly been recreated on the PSP game. As you progress through the game, your character also unlocks various bonuses such as artwork, movies and comic material to really give you a great insight into the 300.

The control system of the game is self-explanatory with the analog stick used to control your characters and the d-pad used to attack or change weapons. You also need to push the d-pad in combination to perform powerful special maneuvers. The shoulder buttons are also used to block and deflect attacks, needless to say, the controls have been very well laid out. The only drawback to the title is that you cannot save in the middle of mission, rather you need to wait until you complete the mission or begin again from the start of your current mission.

Graphically, the 300 is a visual treat on the PSP that is extremely reminiscent of the movie, however a little "Spartan" with the backgrounds (pun intended). The characters have also been faithfully recreated from the film and move with a human-like grace. The developers have also added a variety of interesting special effects from blood to realistic lighting. I was extremely impressed with the rain of arrows which was taken directly from the movie and really gives you a sense of escapism when playing this title.

Musically, 300 takes its soundtrack from the original motion picture that has a real ancient-world theme to it with its orchestral themes and choir like chanting. The voice acting has been professionally created and match that with a variety of realistic sound effects and you have a game that it's easy to get lost in its entertaining gameplay.

In conclusion, the 300 March to Glory is a must have game on the PSP, provided you are interested in the action fighting genre or even those that thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The gameplay does become a little repetitive after awhile but the storyline will hopefully keep you entertained as you make your way from start to finish. A great ride from start to finish!


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