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Gameplay 9.4
Graphics 9.5
Sound 8.9
Value 9.3
Distributor: QVS
Review Date:
November 2005
Andrew B


X3: Reunion

Finally the sequel that gamers have been waiting for has at last landed on the PC that once again sets the benchmark for space trading games as Elite did for the Commodore 64, those so many years ago. The story for X3: Union once again returns gamers to X2 universe that now features an open-ended storyline that allows players to choose their own paths, whether they are traders or pirates. Although the title does have major plotlines, the player is given the chance to complete them at their leisure and once again Egosoft have done a brilliant job at moving the storyline along nicely with some beautifully pre-rendered computer generated cinematics.

The gameplay of X3 has also been improved and gamers now have the option of a variety of different input devices from mice to keyboards and even flight sticks, depending on your preference and style. However, the predominant controller is the mouse which is used to basically navigate and fine tune your gaming experience and with a simply click, the game will automatically fly you towards a station and dock. How's that for simplicity?

X3 also contains a very in-depth economy that does affect the gameplay of the title. For instance, players are still rewarded money for completing various tasks in the game but depending on which sector you are in, prices will fluctuate depending on demand, so as in real-life, it does pay to shop around in order to establish your financial empire. With over 130 different space sectors, a myriad of different commodities to trade and of course various weapon and ship upgrades, Egosoft have truly made this one of the most realistic space trading games of all time, the only thing more that it could of included is a first-person action view for when you visits planets. Dare I dream?

Apart from economics, X3 also features a rather intuitive space combat system that is used in both defence and attack. The combat control systems were a little fiddly at the start of the game but after a few hours, even the most novice of gamers will be able to master the system in order to take on the Luke Skywalker's of the X3 universe. The gamer also have access to a variety of different ships that can also be upgraded in order to create ships for almost any occasion.

Graphically, X3: Reunion is one of the most impressive games that I have seen on the PC in a long time that features almost Hollywood style graphics that would be on par with Babylon 5 or Battlestar Galactica. Everything has been professionally designed, from the realistic textures on the space ships to the wondrous strange worlds of the X3 universe, it's flawless.

The game also contains a plethora of special effects from lighting, particle effects and also some realistic explosions. Unfortunately, these graphics have a high price and if you don't have the latest PC technology, you may experience some lag but fortunately the detail can be adjusted.

X3: Reunion also features a Hollywood style soundtrack that is filled with majestic wonder and perfectly suits the genre. When the action heats up, so does the music that really helps immerse you into this game. The title also features a wide gamut of sound effects from missiles, lasers, explosions and crashes. Of course, you wouldn't hear all this in space but I'm sure 99.9% of us can overlook this and match that with some rather interesting voice acting and you have a great space trading epic.

In conclusion, X3: Reunion is a brilliant space trading game on the PC that is filled with economics, battles and an interesting storyline with state of the art graphics, sound effects and gameplay. The only downside to X3 is the high price of performance but if you have the specifications on your PC, then I strongly suggest that you check this title out. Highly Recommended!


  • X: REUNION engine utilizes the very latest DirectX 9 graphical technology; pixel shader technology is used to create realistic reflections across a variety of surface types, while bump maps and specula maps add detail to the geometry of objects

  • A freshly developed economy system allows for more imaginative ways to conquer your foes via commerce. Functions using established business models of 'Elasticity of demand', 'Economies of scale' and 'Return on investment'. Factories are constructed by non player characters, which can freely trade; wars in sectors affect the universal economy, while opportunities bring challenges to both novice and experienced players.

  • Over 200 newly designed models have been created for X. Star ship detail has been massively increased; over 10 times greater than the previous game at an average of 25,000 polygons per ship

  • A new graphical user interface prevents less screen obstruction and faster access to all game options.

  • Completely redesigned X universe, with new high detailed environments including asteroid fields, dense gaseous nebulae's, star ship graveyards and much more. Players can fly much closer to planetary bodies; where space stations can hang in low planetary orbits.

  • A multitude of new technologies and weapons systems, make the player even more devastating in combat; multi threat targeting system allows for numerous targets to be pin pointed simultaneously.

  • Controllable via joystick, keyboard and mouse cursor; all are fully re-mappable giving the player infinite choice over control layout, which can be stored as custom profiles


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