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Wise Registry Cleaner 3 &

Wise Disk Cleaner 3


Installation 8.7
Ease of use 8.7
Usefulness 8.9
Value 8.9
Review Date:
May 2008
Edwin Milheim


Wise Registry Cleaner 3
and Wise Disk Cleaner 3

Software reviewed on an Alienware system

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All computer users at one time or another, all feel the pain of their systems slowing down to a crawl.  After multiple downloads and computers installed and uninstalled, the computers registry can get a lot of accumulated junk that can cause any number of computer nightmares. Lucky for all of us Impulse Gamers out there, there are programs that can assist in keeping your system in, if not tip top condition, pretty darn close to it.

One of these programs is Wise Registry Cleaner 3. The program is very user friendly and most computer users should be comfortable with the programs interface.  Along with its brother program Wise Disk Cleaner you can do that much needed periodic maintenance on your computer. Freeing up disk space by deleting junk files that are no longer used by any software on your system can keep the computer from experiencing hang ups and crashes. All the extra junk on the system or inactive files are taking up space and can cause a system to slow to a crawl or just stop all together.

The numbers and types of files can be mind boggling, these include temporary files that applications no longer need, or even an ungodly amount of files. The Wise disk Cleaner is able to identify over 50 types of junk files, and the user can even customize the list. The program Wise Disk Cleaner can delete these files, either permanently or they can be moved to the recycle bin. Both programs have pretty much the same front end, but handle different parts of the system. As the name implies Wise Registry Cleaner 3 takes care of the registry, cleaning up any junk or non used files. Both programs give you a list and shows if the file is safe to delete or if it is not safe to delete. One would have to wonder, why list the ones that are not safe to delete anyway?

Now after running a scan the either program shows you all the files and then you can make the choice of what you want to do with them, there is also a back up option so you can restore what your about to do, just in case something should go south on you. (For those not used to the term, go's a bad thing.)

Cleaning up the hard drive can be a scary thing, just looking at a file unless you're an IT expert, not everyone will know what files are safe to get rid of. There are some empty keys that are actually necessary for the operating system and other applications.

In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT most of the empty keys are useful. If you remove these empty keys, files that use those keys will not be able to open and certain programs won't run. Wise Registry Cleaner checks part of registry for empty keys, well at least the parts that are safe to remove anyway.

There is a wizard tool in both programs and enables you to select the drives that should be scanned for junk files. Sticking to the default settings is safe for the most part and while both Wise Disk Cleaner 3 and Wise registry Cleaner 3 have an automatic setting, I  is suggest to work with the programs manually.

As noted, both programs show safe and unsafe files and show the user what can be removed with out any problems. We ran both programs on what we considered a pretty darn hefty test system. An aging Gateway Yorktown model computer, this thing has been our test system for the past 5 years representing the more common gamer's computer.  The programs took some time to run and sort through all the drives we have hooked up. Surprisingly it saw all the drives, even the externals we have hooked up o the system. After running Wise Registry Cleaner 3 and Wise Disk Cleaner 3, both programs of course found several hundred files that could be deleted to free up the systems drive space and resources.  Even the Alien Ware system had some benefits of cleaning its disk drives. Testing both programs on both systems as well as a Dell XPS lap top and an older Toshiba lap top showed marked improvements on all systems.

After taking the appropriate actions with each program we then did a reboot just to see what would happen. Surprisingly enough the system booted faster than it had in a long time. Application programs opened faster also and ran much faster. We recommend both programs to be included in your computer maintenance routine for a faster, stable computer experience. You can head on over to the company site and download the free versions of both Wise Registry Cleaner 3 and Wise Disk Cleaner 3.

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