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Installation 9.0
Ease of use 9.0
Usefulness 9.0
Value 9.0
Distributor: Mindscape
Review Date:
February 2008
Andrew Bistak


Web Creator 4 Pro

The Web Creator series by LMSOFT have finally returned to the PC with their latest version and impulsegamer truly had the pleasure of reviewing this detailed software package.

I must admit that the last version of this robust web creation program I used was version 1.0, back in the days when everyone thought they could make a webpage and this current version truly ups the ante of web design and creation with their latest version "Web Creator 4 Pro" that retails at a recommend price of $99.98AUD.

Key Features

  • Vista-look templates with 3D effects and transparency

  • Drop down menu generator

  • Web page creation through easy drag and drop

  • Page password protection

  • Button generator

  • Create blogs with interactive calendars, sounds, movies and RSS

  • Text editor: all world languages supported including Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, etc

  • Preview your site in Real Time

  • RSS-XML Feed for podcasts

  • SiteMap generator - the new search engine standard by Yahoo, Google and MSN

  • Automatic generation of pages in HTML and Javascript

  • Rapid access toolbar to library elements and to "My Elements"

  • Compatible with all main web browsers

  • VISTA-look templates with 3D effects and transparency

  • Drag and drop graphic effects library: banners, floating boxes, shadows, frames, buttons, etc

  • FTP tool for uploads

  • Sound files: MP3, WAV, WMA, MID and RMI supported

  • Animation/Video: AVI, FLC, MPEG, MOV and QT supported

  • Image formats:
    HTM, HTML, FTF, TXT and ASCII text formats; and BMP, TGA, JPG, TIF, EPS, GIF, transparent GIF, animated GIF, PCD, PSD, CAL, CLP, PNG, DIC, FPX, IMG, ICA, IFF, JBG, JIFF, JTF, CMP, PIC, CT, PIT, MAC, AWD, MSP, PBM, RAS, FXS, CUR, ANI, OCO, EMF, WMF, WPG, XBM, XPM, XWD, DCX and PCX supported

  • Visitor eStat tool

For those that do not know what a web creator is, it's basically a program that allows people to publish web pages online and in the early days, this was originally performed as code.

Fortunately for non-coders, companies have created WYSIWYG interfaces that basically displays the changes of your webpage instantaneously and the best way to describe this program is that it's like Microsoft Word, however instead of saving as word documents, it saves as HTML web based files. Best of all, Web Creator 4 Pro is fully Vista compatible and allows for some great Vista style effects.

The installation of Web Creator 4 Pro was a breeze and it successfully installed on both our Windows XP and Windows Vista machines with minimal prompting. This is great news for the computer novice as it allows for a minimal amount of computer experience to install this program... in actual fact... none at all. Once the installation was completed, we were greeted to a interface that resembled a Microsoft Office program with a menu at the top, navigation icons on the side and workplace in the middle of the screen.

Without making this review become too technical, this program basically allows you to create almost anything to be associated with creating a quality web page and best of all, the program comes with over 150 professionally designed templates, so its easy as 1 - 2 - 3, meaning that in a matter of minutes, you can have a great looking webpage ready.

Build Your Website in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Create

  • Choose from over 150+ professionally designed templates - all customisable

  • Use the integrated button generator to quickly create stylish looking buttons

  • Create pull down menus with the drop down menu generator

  • Multiple document interface (MDI): open many projects and copy elements between them

  • Page management: add, copy, delete and rename pages

  • Javascript and HTML: import and edit code

  • Hyperlinks: to another page, site, file, email or anchor

  • Text Editor: supports all world languages. Import RTF formatted text, excel tables and graphs

2. Personalise

  • Colour match your templates to your logo or company colours with the colour picker

  • Import images, movies, sounds, animations (AVI, FLC, Mpeg, MOV, GIF, TIFF, JPG, MP3, etc)

  • Import Flash animations to your site

  • Create your own podcasts, blogs and video blogs

  • Password protect web pages for restricted access

  • Import and position external code: Paypal, forums, chats, search engine, GPS, games, etc

  • Generate your pages in ASP or in PHP

  • Create feedback forms for your clients

3. Publish

  • Convert your projects automatically to a format that is suitable for the web

  • Upload your site via the easy FTP Upload tool

  • Enhance your site ranking by search engines with SiteMap generator

  • RSS-XML feed allows you to create podcasts

  • Measure and analyse how many visits you receive with the eStat tool

As a former webmaster, Web Creator 4 Pro features some great abilities such as the ability of creating a SiteMap Generator which is used for Google which basically records every page of your site in order for your site to be successfully searched by search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

The software features quite a few special features that can easily be added to your webpages, although I must admit that although these were quite interesting, they did seem a little dated as compared to the standard of today. Needless to say, they are all there if you are requiring something to jazz up your webpage.

Bloggers and podcasters will be pleased to know that Web Creator 4 Pro allows the user to create their own podcasts, blogs and video blogs which truly removes a lengthy process in these designs. Creating pages in PHP (like impulsegamer) or ASP? Simple! The program allows for these two formats to be easily created as an out put option which definitely allows for almost endless expansion and compatibility.

My only gripe about Web Creator 4 Pro is that the interface seems a little outdated when compared to the new versions of Office but best of all, everything is quite easily to find, unlike Microsoft's new Office series so in actual fact, it's a win win situation. The installation process is a little lengthy but it's worth the wait, especially as to how powerful this program actually is. Even if you're a web designer novice or a professional, Web Creator 4 Pro has a plethora of features and functionality that will suit a wide range of users.

In conclusion, Web Creator 4 Pro is a brilliant software package that retails at an affordable $99.95AUD and features all the latest standards and web page functionalities of many of the major programs. We could happily recommend this program to the home user and even the office user as it's extremely easy to use and if you're into web development, it's a great starting point for building on an expanding career! Highly Recommended!


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