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Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite Sony PC PC Review - -
Installation 8.8
Ease of use 8.5
Usefulness 9.2
Value 9.2
Developer: Sony
Review Date:
October 2019
Edwin Millheim


Vegas Movie Studio HD
Platinum 10 Production Suite
Sony PC

Whether you are a beginner or someone that is looking for a different solution for your audio video editing needs. Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10 Production Suite is a robust software package that once you have the ins and outs down, you will be making some professional looking edits to your video masterpiece. It is by no means a simple program, so if you are a kind of consumer that likes it all done for you, this program may not be for you.

Before launching into the meat of the matter this review will of course, cover several aspects of the product. This write up will also cover some hints and tips on how to get the most out of the software, including workflow tips.

First off be aware, if your going to be doing editing of HD video, your looking at a some major hard drive space use, as well as a good deal of processor power. High Definition video cameras seem to be just about the normal standard these days. You can of course find some Standard Def cameras out there still. High Definition is the way to go though.

If you are shooting in the higher quality High Definition setting, the resulting file size is big. On the lower end computers, you may not even be able to view the file, let alone edit it. So make sure first off, you have some good processing power to play with. I would strongly suggest 2 gigs of RAM or more when dealing with HD video.

That being said, let us jump into this, what amounts to a production studio in a box. Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite has a lot to offer. Loading it up for the first time an average user that has never used any editing software what so ever may well be intimidated by the full scope of what the program can do.

There are a few getting started videos included in the package. It should be enough to get the users feet wet and experimenting. If that is not enough then the well-done “Show me how” tutorials that seem to be a very welcome staple of Sony products is here also. This nifty feature for those not aware, takes you systematically through some of the features uses. One such category being, how to add a title for instance and as it goes through the tutorial, it keeps to the main screen of the program and highlights the buttons and menus you should click on…step by step. All and all the included extra DVD with getting started tutorials provides a quick overview of Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 software. Covering the workflows needed to get a full edit done in no time. There are a few advanced sections on fine-tuning. It’s a solid package that even a beginner will find plenty of assistance from the getting started DVD, as well as the show me how options within the program itself.

When installing the package the massive amount of software tools can get any fan guy or gal of video and sound editing all giddy with excitement. The things that are included are Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 software, DVD Architect Studio 5.0 software, Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 software with Vocal Eraser, NewBluFX Audio and Video Effects, 400 Music Soundtracks, Tutorial DVD, 44 DVD themes, 12 additional DVD Themes provided by Eye Scream Factory, Inc., and online help.

Some of our favorites here in the package are Sound Forge Audio Studio software. This bit of software gives the desktop editor the ability to record and edit, as well as encode do a master audio track. Tweaking the sound files is necessary when dealing with marrying sound with your video. Sound gives the visuals impact. There are plenty of toys here to play with too. It has built in effects like EQ, reverb, delay and chorus. Which is pretty much standard in a good sound editing software.

With a bit more flair, the program also has a vocal eraser plug in. It actually does pretty well with erasing the vocals from a CD music album. If for whatever reason you want just the music and maybe the chorus singers. It actually does pretty well and sound quality is very good. Create your own custom karaoke tracks if you so wish, or just do a little remixing to get your creative light flowing. Depending on how the particular CD track was originally recorded you will get different results. There where some sound tracks we tested that the main singer’s voice was gone all together. Other times it was in the background almost as a vocal guide.

Using a voice over track when creating a project is very easy; to get your voiceovers adjusted to the same audio levels, use Sound Forges Volume Tool. Increasing or decreasing the volume is a snap. Adjusting the entire audio event within the program is just as easy, placing the mouse pointer over the top of the event you can click and move the sound level line to suit your needs. Tweaking it more with the normalize switch and adjusting the level to get things just right is an option.

The programs key features such as the audio engine make use of newer computer with multicores. Multiple sound and music tracks work well; the render times are pleasingly fast even for a large project. For those that do not already have a library of sound and music clips the program graciously comes with some 414 music files and 1001 sound effect files. The music files are robust and actually come in production style files. What I mean by this is that there are theses, and each named theme has a music file and in turn, each file has several variations. A few of those variations being 15, 30, and a full 180 seconds, these are just perfect for transitional scenes to full master shots while maintaining a theme through out your movie.

There are plenty of sound effects as well, most of which are not bad, but lacking surprisingly in gun sound effects. There are a few explosion sounds, but nothing by way of gunfire sounds. Other than this, most of the Foley and digital sound effects are very useful, matching them up in a scene or video is key to making them give a video production that added punch.

Video transitions and screen wipes are the standard fair. There are plenty of them, some of the more cool effects included come from NewBlueFX Audio and Video Effects. With the Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite comes the Cartooner effect plug in. If you care to cartoonize your footage, this is the software to do it. Better yet, it does it seamlessly within the program itself with out having to close it out and go to another editing program. There is enough to play with here to enhance not only video but audio as well. While there are some other software packages that have more by way effects as part of the package, to say that Vegas Movie Studio is lacking is not a fare assessment at all. The tools at hand are very diverse, and with the imagination and knowledge of the programs use is a solid video and audio package.

One of the very welcome things in the program is the full screen preview option. You can actually view the timeline on a secondary display, and each window is scalable as you can see from some of my screen shots. There are scaling options and auto-fit to screen. This is really a wonderful option for a video editing suite to have. While editing you can scale any of the windows larger or smaller to suit your editing style and the on screen environment to the editing process, just switching between full screen and preview modes is a spectacular ability to have.

The whole interface is not perfectly intuitive, but it is enough so, that having some background with other video editing software, it was very easy to pick up the nuances of this program. The load times and redraws in the timeline are fast, even with a myriad number of layers of both video and audio to edit, the program is extremely responsive. There is enough by way of customizing to your computers abilities to make the process smooth. Smoothness of playback vs. resolution is well balanced; if you have a powerhouse of a computer then viewing things in full resolution is achievable, with good playback. On a slower or lower to mid range computer, viewing the preview in a lower resolution may be what is needed for best playback of your masterpiece. Then, burn it to DVD or what ever file you may be attempting at its glorious full resolution.

The bundled authoring tool, DVD Architect Studio 5, includes several menu templates to give your DVD and Blu Ray disks that you create a very polished look.

Sony has their way of doing things with their consumer software and it works well. They have done tweaks here and there over time with each software package that utilizes their interfaces, and with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite, it is refined and a no nonsense interface that delivers.

This software Suite is highly recommended for the novice, the intermediate user as well as the advanced video and audio editing user that may just be looking for something in a good price range that delivers more bang for their money.

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite makes the video editing stages manageable. Each sequential stage of your video editing process workflow should be followed relatively sequentially. It is within these stages that you can imbue your creative vision.

First things first, Media Management is the broadest sense the capture and import of the video footage. Be it video you filmed yourself, stock footage or a mix of both.

Then comes your actual video editing, the first thing you will want to do is put together a rough cut of your vision. It does not even have to have any transitional or screen wipes yet, nor music and sound effect. Just using Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite, you can have some rough transitions.

After this, you may start the task of a full edit and putting together your film as you see fit. Editing is always the toughest part really; you will be deciding what to trim away or delete from your final video.

The final draft, what are the visuals, transitions and sound and music effects to be added. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite has all the tools in one package to be able to make all the little tweaks and edits you can possibly want. Once you are at the stage, where your doing the color grading and video and audio final edits, you will not be able to easily go back and do any other regular video edits. Not without doing a full rehash of the steps, you have already taken.

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Production Suite, full featured. Consumers will be missing out if they let the interface intimidate them in the least. With it’s show me how and getting started features, the video editor in all of us will be let loose and shine.

Edwin Millheim
United States Editor
Impulse Gamer

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