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Twilight Heroes
Justice served nightly

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Gameplay 7.0
Value 7.0
Developer: Quirkz Media
Review Date:
August 2008
Phernell "Camo" Walker


Twilight Heroes
(Free on-line game)

Ever want to be a crime fighter but you know if you go out running around in a wacky costume, the folks in the white jackets will come put you away in a rubber room? Not to worry really, get your super hero freak on in this on line MMO Twilight Heroes. The game is online and can be found here for the PC. During the day your character is average guy or gal working the ol 9 to 5 job. When the night falls though, is when you take to the streets to fight crime and any other nasty you happen to run into. All of the action takes place in a city called Twilight, hence the name I guess, "Twilight Heroes." The site and game is owned and operated by Quirkz Media and some of the things you will find pretty fast here is that the game is chock full of that role player sense of humor. (For those that know the difference between role playing as apposed to roll playing I really don’t have to explain much more here).

The game runs on a turn based system, the in game currency are casino chips obtained by doing heroic things like fighting crime, selling some of your stuff to other folks… you know the usual super hero kind of stuff. Twilight Heroes, A MMOS free online game, is a game of fantasy combined with real-world scenarios. The game is a browser-based multiplayer role playing game, mostly text based and has very few graphics in game play. You start off by choosing the character you would like to be. The four different classes of characters you are able to choose from are Elemental, Naturalist, Gadgeteer, and Psion.

Characters are quite easy to maintain. Go out and fight crimes, watch your health, watch your bed-time, and watch the amount of turns you have used. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses. Twilight Heroes does take sometime to play and you cannot just sit down and play it in a day hoping to beat it. Does not work like that. The game does hold reading to it and you will have to read clues to solve problems in the crime you are solving. The game is a mystery, fight crime type of game. Set out like a comic book. You must buy certain things to get to certain places and to solve either it being puzzles or to just finding something you might need. Different areas hold different items, different villains either it being a rat to a thug.

Almost anything can happen in this game. Twilight Heroes would not be for you if you are impatient and choose to rush through things. There are lots of details you have to pay attention to or you will find yourself getting no place fast. Time-based in Twilight heroes is very different. Its set up with your heroes two lives in mind, one for the average gee wiz person and the other for your super self.

You have a bed-time and certain amount of health and energy. As you progress through the game and level up, your bed-time becomes later and you gain more energy and health. Now say it does become bed-time but you want to keep going. Well, then think of what you would do to stay awake, Drink caffeine. When you do run out of turns in a day you must wait till a certain time to regain those turns. So Twilight Heroes will take some days to just get to very small amount of travel. You can not buy more turns but must wait till the desired time the game has required to receive more turns.

What is interesting though is the turns not used; say there is a day you do not play, those turns carry over to the next day and you receive more turns. The bed-time also does carry. Your character does also have to work during the day and you must wait till a desired time for your character to get off of work. I really wouldn't say who the game is truly recommended for only because there are different types of game players who may find interest in Twilight Heroes when it may seem only as another game to other gamers.

MMOS games are not my type of games, but Twilight Heroes caught my attention and I was hooked. Every gamer expecting a text based game composing of comic book like environment; but yet imposing on real life is quite amazing. So if you enjoy something like this described above, enjoy reading, solving mysteries, fighting villains. Twilight Heroes is the game set up for you. So check them out and keep in mind the game is technically still in Beta so there will be some glitches, but hey you’re a hero, you can take it.
Phernell "Camo" Walker
Play the game  by day, Live the action by sleep.


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