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Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 8.0
Sound 8.0
Value 8.0
Distributor: Red Ant
Review Date:
December 2005
Edwin Millheim


Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great is another jaunt into the realm of bringing table top gaming to the computer gaming crowd. (This one actually comes before Tin Soldiers Julius Caesar, read that article as well here on Impulse Gamer.) 

This game thrusts the player into the world of Alexander The Great and some of the most famous battles of his life. In some rather interesting styles, much like table top gaming only on the computer. The battles are interesting and for the strategy buff there is a lot to keep them entertained. But be warned unless youíre into strategy type games, your not going to get into this one.  Table top and strategy and even historic battle buffs will find a lot of entertainment here.  

The game re creates the battles from Alexanderís campaigns from the battle of Thebes and on to such battles as the conquest of Darius III and the Persian Empire and all the way to the final battles in Asia. 

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great is a turned based game, but not in the strictest sense of the word. The game has an engine that allows simultaneous planning, orders and actions from both sides. A simple press of the play button sets things in motion, there is a interesting part of the play engine that allows for a reaction kind of faze, during this time there can be adjustments done in the middle of a turn. This comes in handy when you may see things not going your way. In between battles the player can make choices as to what units to reinforce, train units and even recruit new ones. After all the conquest of the known world is at hand and you have a large legend to live up to. 

The games graphics are not too bad at all, rather pleasing to the eye really.  The units all have that miniatures painted look to them paying homage to the table top strategy gaming that must have inspired this whole series. If you liked tin Soldiers : Julius Caesar, you may well enjoy tin Soldiers:  Alexander The Great since this game pre dates the Julius Caesar Game. 

As with the other game in the Tin Soldiers series there are Battle Cards that can be used to give the player some advantages against the opponent, and with these opponents the players is going to need every advantage they can get. Going against such opponents as the Greeks, Persians, the Indian Army with those awesome Elephants and even the Egyptians are contended with. The game is ripe with historical and legendary battles. 

There is a lot to the game that makes it worth playing more than just once. The ability to become victorious by more than one means brings a bit more playability to the game. Breaking an enemies army or by achieving objectives during a battle can bring the player to total victory. Add in some alternate victory conditions and you have yourself a rather interesting game indeed. As the battles are unlocked during the campaigns, that battle becomes available for skirmish mode. Ya have to love that. The whole reward by achievement thing makes it all feel so much more worth while. 

Best of all the game is pretty simple to learn. But if youíre tired of the computer opposition there is always support for multiplayer over the internet or local area network using TCP/IP. All the battles can be used during multi player or there are two special two player scenarios to be had. Bactria and Elysium. While the computer does do a fair good job of pushing the player through the paces, there is nothing like going against another thinking opponent. 

Koios Works did a darn good job with this game and looking at the series past (this game) and the later game Julius Caesar, the tin Soldiers series can only have good things coming its way. While it is true there are many titles on the market along the same vein in regards to mass strategy, such as Rome total War and itís new Expansion, and games like Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth, and these other titles are by far more graphic intensiveÖ one could possibly bypass this Diamond in the rough Tin Soldiers: Alexander The Great. But you would be missing out on a very satisfying game. 

Tin Soldiers: Alexander The Great. Is Strategy table top Gaming at its best and most simple, and sometimes you just want something simple and direct. This game delivers on so many levels of satisfaction itís hard not to highly recommend it. For an additively good time check this game out. Trot on over to the Matrix Games site and check out some of the free download Demos.  Or if you get the full game make sure to download the update patch for the game.

Have fun, play games 

Edwin Millheim


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