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The Sims 3 Showtime
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Edwin Millheim
The Sims 3 Showtime PC Preview. The Sims 3: Showtime is a solid add on that brings a small twist to the game and some optional social networking fun on the side for those that really live the Sim Life. Good for the hard core fans, and a nice intro for those just getting into the Sims, grab up The Sims 3, and the add on The Sims 3: Showtime.

Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 7.0
Sound 7.0
Value 7.5
Review Date: Mar 2012
Edwin Millheim


The Sims 3: Showtime

The Sims have been a social media gaming phenomenon since it first started, and over the years there have been new incarnations and add on content to enhance and expand on a gamers Sim world.

The latest add on is the Sims 3: Showtime, requiring the Sims 3 main game to enjoy and benefit from some of the new nifty features this add on brings with it. It does not change how the game is played in any way mind you, but it does add some nifty perks and more spin to your Sims.

If you want a little more for your Sim, that chance at stepping into the lime light and also sharing that rise to fame, or the struggle and fall from stardom, then The Sims 3: Showtime gives you what you need to make your Sims life something a little more out of the ordinary.

Living the dream is where it’s at; you can have your Sim be a Singer, Acrobat Performers, Magicians, or even a DJ. What’s interesting about all this is that it’s not just, wham! given to you on a silver platter. Oh no my friends, you have to work for it and that’s all part of the game. It can in some respects be repetitive in having to go through the motions to climb the ladder of success.

Players guide their Sim through all of the little nuances of their goal to rising to fame. Running around town getting gigs to perform, and even decorating the stage yourself assists or hinders the outcome of the Sim performance. During the performance players have the chance to decide on what songs or tricks they will perform and their interaction with the audience.

During these times of running around and doing these not so glamorous jobs, you are gaining experience and money, as well as building on your song base, or other tricks and stunts. Be it performing on the street or doing singing telegrams it all adds up, and then the player can eventually level up on their chosen profession. As time goes on you can create your own venue. From a concert hall, a stadium, or even a more intimate setting like a night club.

There is an event that takes place once in a while so that players do not have to run all over the place setting up gigs. It’s called SimFest, it is new and it is also a random event. It’s a special talent show for Singers, Acrobats and Magicians compete against each other, the event gets you experience that can be used in your advancement of levels to their profession. Think of it as America’s Got Talent or in this case Sims Got Talent.

Those who want to go a little more star struck can go with a different edition of The Sims 3: Showtime. There is also The Sims 3: Showtime Katy Perry Collector's Edition with unique Katy Perry themed in-game content and an exclusive poster. The Collector's Edition includes The Sims 3: Showtime Expansion pack, plus downloadable content. You also get an Ultimate Stage bonus venue, iconic Katy Perry themed items, and an exclusive poster. The iconic content includes fashions, a guitar, a hairstyle and various Katy Perry themed stage props.

Pushing the social networking envelope we are also introduced into an optional part of the game. It enabled the player to share tragedy and triumphs with friends and fans alike. The feature also enables you to send your Sim into a friend’s game. It is called SimPort, you can do all this and more. Perform in their world, book gigs in their town, go on tour and be reviewed. It also enables you to host friends Sim in your game.

EA seems has been supporting social networking for some time and only solidifies it even more with this optional part of the add on. You can search for friend’s online, access that friends profile online all in game. Updating your status is something the social network butterflies out there will enjoy. Access and update things on the community website, the web site has a rather lively community.

The Sims 3: Showtime brings us some interesting features with the new professions, and even brings back the Genie. If you would like to take chance with the Genie, find the old lamp and rub it, the Genie will grant wishes, though consequences may turn out good for the player, or it can turn bad.

With the content it almost feels like old hat, even with a celebrity name attached to a special edition. The Sims 3: Showtime is a solid add on that brings a small twist to the game and some optional social networking fun on the side for those that really live the Sim Life. Good for the hard core fans, and a nice intro for those just getting into the Sims, grab up The Sims 3, and the add on The Sims 3: Showtime.

Key Features

- Create New Sims—New traits and Lifetime Wishes give you more tools to tell the stories you want.

- A Whole New World—The brand new world of Starlight Shores features new venues and new objects to hone your Sims’ talents.

- Rise to Fame—Build your own custom stages and see your Sims perform in sold-out arenas and in front of packed crowds.

- Book or Host Gigs—Using the optional SimPort feature, send your Sim to a friend’s game to perform in their world, book gigs, go on tour, and even be reviewed.

- Be Connected (Optional)—Make new friends, connect, and share your stories and experiences without ever leaving the game. Using the new individual in-game newsfeeds, messaging, and live updates, post your Sims’ successes, share gameplay techniques, create wishlists and gifts, search for new friends and share memories.

- New Achievement System—Earn rewards for achieving goals and accomplishing special challenges that can be tracked and shared via in-game newsfeeds and messages. New achievements will be introduced on a regular basis.

Have fun, play games
Edwin Millheim
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