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Gameplay 5.0
Graphics 6.0
Sound 6.0
Value 4.0
Distributor: SEGA
Review Date:
June 2008
Edwin Millheim


The Incredible Hulk



It’s back, Another Hulk game. This is one I was waiting for. Ever since The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction came out, I have been playing that one and having a blast. Now the New game comes out, The Incredible Hulk based on the new film with Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. Let me start this review with these immortal words… “What the Heck happened?” For a game that seemed to borrow so much from Ultimate Destruction, one would think that the game would be at least worth more than an hours look. Some how all the life has been sucked out of this game and a shallow mish mashed attempt at a story line has been attempted, on top of all that many of the game design choices leaves you scratching your head and wondering if anyone associated with The Incredible Hulk Game picked up a comic and read any of the stories at all, or had a look at any of the films or shows.


Looks and plays very well on the PS3 while the Xbox360 version seems to have some problems with lockups. The graphics on the 360 look very nice but with that and some control quirkiness’ I’ll be content to be playing the PS3 version. While the PC version tested on the Alien 5100 played very well, it was an insult to the Alienware system to even install the game. The PC version just leaves you wondering why even more than the other versions. I really want to like the game, but the game drops the ball in so many areas. The Alienware system is a top notch system that just makes most games shine to their full potential. When you’re ready to make your next PC computer purchase for your ultimate gaming rig; check out .

Just a few more nit picks and I will move on. First off what is up with the physics? So, ok The Hulk is really powerful I get it, I am a fan. I just don’t get that the hulk grabs an opponent (Human or otherwise) throws them like say off of a car and they bounce off that and then also hit a building causing more destruction. Ok folks, here’s how it would work, the energy of that moving object would spend most , if not all of it’s energy in hitting the first object. So bashing into one thing and bouncing off and hitting something else with the same force would just not happen no matter how you try to take creative license. There where a few clipping bugs here and there as well as character interaction inconsistence with the game play. Jump on a car and it explodes and turns to a burned out husk, walk on a car and not so much as a dent. What the heck? A little more research and game quality control please….Let me charge forward here.

Sound and voice acting are so-so, which is really a surprise here. Edward Norton’s voice over work for the game is almost a hollow sleep walk of a performance, really a surprise considering the acting caliber of the guy. Who knows maybe the game voice work was rushed. Ambient sound is passable, building being bashed and crushed and all the destruction sounds pretty good in the surround sound department. It’s at least the kind of sound that makes the neighbors wonder what the heck you’re doing.

Game play is pretty simple with the controls very easy to learn; sometimes you just don’t get the ease of control of the character that you want but for game play is passable.

Graphics are ok on most of the platforms, but the PC port just suffers in looks, Console versions are much better, nothing that screams out at you to go wow that looks spectacular. At best the Hulk looks good, with the city of New York as a supporting actor in this game it represents fairly well. It is very understandable for the game programmers and designers having to find the best balance of eye candy and as much interaction with the surround environments as possible. Hats off in this department, it’s fairly satisfying.

Some of the game ideas have such potential, as with the past game much of the environment can be used as a weapon, either to pick up and bash things with or throw it at your intended target. Using rage which is sort of the Hulk’s thing anyway, new moves are unlocked as the Hulk builds up rage. The mix of the Marvel universe additional characters and situations not in the move while interesting at times, just makes for a confusing mess more times than not.

The curse of the really bad game based on a movie seems to have struck again. The Incredible Hulk title is in this case, misleading. A more apt name would be the So-So Hulk.

Have fun, play games
Edwin Millheim



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