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Installation 8.0
Ease of use 8.0
Usefulness 8.0
Value 9.0
Distributor: iolo technology
Review Date:
October 2009
Edwin Millheim


System Mechanic 9

System Mechanic 9 from iolo technologies states it can take care of your system issues with one click. You don't even have to know much of anything about your computer or files to use the program. Fix, speed up and repair your PC. One click repairs are something that any one would want, just relinquishing total control to a program and hope it does not get rid of files you need can be hard to force yourself to do.

Not to fear really, more advanced users, or power junkies that demand more control over what they do with their computer, can have total control. Installing the program is simple enough, though for some reason I would get a access violation from the iolo program itself. It does not shut the system down or anything like that, and bringing up the program it all runs just fine.

Like any smart designer, there is a back up, so if changes have a detrimental effect, fixing what ever it supposedly fixed, is an option. Again, if you have any doubts, just run the tools and then look for yourself what files it's decided are issues. Clicking on the drop down repair button gives the user a few choices, Let system mechanic do the work, or start a wizard which let;s the user have a look at the files in question. This way you can decide yourself what files to repair or delete. Or, the user can just hide the problem.

System Mechanic 9 has a rather impressive front end. There are menus and sub menus and tools galore to clean, tweak, and tuck in the corners of your system. Now please note this review was done using Windows XP os with service pack 3.

Amongst the tools at System Mechanic's disposal are some all in one tools: PC accelerator which runs several different speed boosting tools all at once. PC repair which can detect system problems and assist in their repair. PC Cleanup which can get rid of all the extra temp and internet clutter. PC Security which can increase the systems protection, then there is Total registry revitalizer, which of course assists in keeping the registry cleaned up. If the user has a mind to, they can drill this down to individual tools and tasks making things much simpler.

There are plenty of visual graphics to give visual ques as to what the tools are doing, or how the computer is doing. The help files on System Mechanic for the most part are pretty straight forward, it gives the worst possible descriptions of the file type it has tagged as other words, the system help file description only tells you the possible bad things the file type can be used for, not what it is used for in general. The program has the information for the most part and does explain what steps it takes.

On the flip side, we went ahead and tested our system by installing, uninstalling and reinstalling several different programs several times over the course of several days. Taxing the system on purpose and leaving it cluttered to the choking point. System Mechanic 9 performed very well in cleaning up the system of unneeded files and start ups, plus it did very well in de-fragmenting the drive and memory.

The tools are powerful, and being able to look at all the processes under one front end is rather useful. For the most part our test rigs are kept in various states of use to test games and software in an average consumer environment. System Mechanic 9 turns out to be a very useful tool. While the front end may be enough to cause an amateur computer user, fear not, there is enough here and enough in it's help and demo files that you can fire and almost forget keeping your system in good performance perimeters. With the staggering amount of tools System Mechanic has, it compliments the Windows tools and a users firewall and virus protection very well indeed.

Like many business models that have become popular, System mechanic can be purchased for a years subscription, this includes updates, reports and support. The programs definition files are often tweaked and updated from iolo, as the company finds better ways to tune up systems.

At this time there are three versions to choose from of System mechanic 9. System Mechanic 9, System Mechanic 9 Professional, and the Business edition. To find out a bit more in depth at what each has to offer, please visit

It's a powerful intimidating beast, but it purrs like a kitten, and can get your system doing the same.

Have fun play games, optimize your system!

Edwin Millheim


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