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Saints Row the Third
Reviewed by
Edwin Millheim
Saints Row the Third PC Review. When it comes down to it, Saints Row the Third, is a rather unique getaway from reality, the mix of scenarios and mission will keep you entertained, and in many cases challenged.

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 7.0
Sound 7.5
Value 8.5
Developer: THQ
Review Date:
Dec 2011
Edwin Millheim


Saints Row the Third
PC download on STEAM
Also available on XBOX 360, PS3

We got our STEAM code from THQ to check out their latest adventure on PC; Saints Row the Third, and what a freaking ride!

Over the top crazy action and almost nonstop enemies makes Saints Row the Third, one wild though more on the adult side ride. The series does not take it self seriously and that my fellow Impulse Gamers is a good thing.

Game play is a definite upgrade from Saint’s Row 2, controls are surprisingly smooth for playing on a PC. From being on foot and on the run and gun, to mad driving around town… the only thing that took some getting used to was flying a helicopter, but hey that’s just me. After my little experience about hitting the wrong button and becoming a street pizza (I accidently jumped out of the copter…without a chute) after that I took to wearing a parachute no matter where I went. It proved to be a fast get away from a high rise building.

Right from the over the top start, players know they are in for one wild ride. What is great about it, is players start from sort of being one of the top members of the gang. So there is no real crawling your way up through the ranks. You get to play with some awesome toys and blow crap up right away.

Things feel a bit more open this time around. Whereas things seemed to be structured in acts or only certain gangs you would target at different stages of the game before, now it seems that you can just go into any ones turf and start shooting up the place… and you better be ready to pour on the virtual lead because the enemy gangs come in droves.

In this game you also have to spend the money to make the money, buying up properties when you can afford it, gets the cash flow going. Not only does this bring on money per hour from properties, it also can help you get un-noticed too.

If things are getting too hot for you, just find a property you on and high tale it inside and you get un-noticed again, which is a good thing especially when your health is getting low from taking too many hits.

Game play while open for the most part, leaving the player to do just about anything they darn well please, does get repetitive at times. Though action is so over the top, you do not mind it quit so much. The main story line is not too bad at all, again more over the top at its best. With different endings that may add a bit more to the replay value of the game, notches it up a point for us all around.

This time around it seems that The Saints have become so popular that they are more of a brand name now. Complete with marketed items like clothing, posters and even energy drinks. The Saints are raking it in and the bigger sharks out there know a good thing when they see it, and they are trying to muscle in on The Saints action. The guys and gals in purple of course are having none of this and all hell breaks loose with The Saints kicking some butt and taking names.

The world itself is rather large when it comes to maps and fun to get around, just smashing your way across the city is fine, just bare in mind you will be ticking the police off and they will come after you in waves just like if you mess with a gang.

AI in the game can be rather stupid at times, though it does not detract from the game. In fact it sort of makes up for its lack of smarts by way of enemy numbers.

Graphically the game I think sort of sells itself short. Characters are on the chunky side, even at the highest level of graphics it does not scream cutting edge, nor does it scream bargain bin. It all comes someplace in the middle actually. Don’t get me wrong it is not subpar; the graphics are still pleasing and endearing in their own right.

Breaking things up the game does have a couple of games modes, one of which is more like survival mode. It is called Whored mode… yes, you have read it right. Another example of not for the kids at all… This mode has the player or two players, fighting off waves of enemies; each level has the player/players with a different weapon to do the job. At one point it may be a shotgun, or the next minute the before mentioned giant purple dildo the next.

When it comes down to it, Saints Row the Third, is a rather unique getaway from reality, the mix of scenarios and mission will keep you entertained, and in many cases challenged.

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Edwin Millheim


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