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Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition Version 11.0 (2008) PC Review - -

Installation 8.5
Ease of use 8.7
Usefulness 9.0
Value 9.0
Distributor: Symantec
Review Date:
July 2008
Paul Sheridan


Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition
(Version 11.0)


Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition version 11.0 is the definitive system software for your PC that includes a collection of powerful system utilities to ensure data integrity, PC performance and internet security.


In laymen’s terms, it is like taking your car to the mechanic once a week to ensure that all problems are diagnosed early but unlike a mechanic, the program still allows the user access to the PC while these tasks are being performed. Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition contains the following Norton products:

  • Norton AntiVirus

  • Norton Save & Restore

  • Norton Utilities

  • One Button Checkup

  • System Optimiser &

  • Performance Test



The installation of Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition was a flawless procedure and on our test AMD Phenom system with Windows Vista, the software automatically installed with minimal prompting from the user.


To further the testing, we also tested the software on our Windows XP test machine that currently had other Norton products installed. This did cause a conflict with the installation process, however the installation wizard did assist us in removing the conflicting products and once uninstalled, the software was successfully installed on our other test system.


Key Benefits

  • Blocks spyware, viruses, and worms: provides advanced protection against today’s latest threats

  • Backs up your files and your system: recovers your system and data even when you can't restart the operating system

  • Repairs and maintains your PC at peak performance: diagnoses Windows problems and optimizes your hard drive for better performance

  • Recovers from system failure: restores your system and data

  • Removes Internet clutter: cleans up unwanted cookies, cache files, and temporary files that slow your computer's performance

Even though the installation process was quite easy on a user-end level, it was rather time consuming, so ensure that you have the time needed to successfully install the program as it does require some internet access to download the latest updates. In relation to the installation process, both our systems contain identical system specifications and with the installation process, our test machine with Vista was far superior (performance wise) than Windows XP.


New Features and Enhancements

  • New! Windows Vista compatible

  • Norton AntiVirus 2008 with enhanced performance

  • New! SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) technology delivers enhanced protection that identifies new threats based on their behavior

  • Norton Save and Restore 2.0 with improved, easy-to-use interface

An impressive feature of Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition is the low end system specifications that only requires a 400Mhz or higher processor with 512MB RAM and 750MB of hard drive space. This is great news for users of older PC’s that is often ignored by many software developers.


My only gripe with the installation process is the size of the installation which is quite large, however considering the powerful applications contained in this package and that hard drive costs have dramatically decreased, it is a small price to pay.



Once installed, we were greeted to the familiar “Norton” interface which also installed an icon in the system tray for easy user access and also instant notification should an error occur. When installed, we noticed little to no slowdown at all, of course this is dependent on your hardware specifications and what scans are being performed at the time.


Key Features

  • Norton AntiVirus 2008: blocks viruses and spyware automatically with advanced protection.

  • One-Button Checkup: lets you enjoy your computer at its best, making sure it’s clean, repaired, and running at top speed with the click of a button.

  • Norton Save and Restore 2.0: powerful disk imaging technology from Norton Ghost that backs up everything on your computer and recovers from system failure.

  • Norton Utilities: diagnoses and fixes computer problems.

  • Norton Cleanup: quickly and permanently removes unwanted Internet clutter, temporary files, and other private information.

  • Performance Test: allows you to evaluate the performance of your system and hardware and compare it to other systems.

  • Symantec Recovery Disk: emergency boot CD allows you to start your computer when it can’t start itself.

Norton AntiVirus 2008 & Norton Save & Restore 2.0


Rather than reinventing the wheel, this review will focus on the new aspects of the product and for a detailed review of Norton AntiVirus 2008, Click Here or for a detailed review of Norton Save & Restore, Click Here. Needless to say, the program contains all the functionality and features of these two impressive programs, one to protect your computer from internet nasties and the other to backup valuable data on your computer. Both are easy to use and quite user friendly. Norton AntiVirus 2008 also contains a 12-month subscription with Symantec, ensuring that you have the latest updates and virus definitions available.


What's New?


The most noticeable addition to the latest version of SystemWorks is the inclusion of Windows Vista and Symantec’s new SONAR technology which is the Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response that basically monitors all “known” threats on the internet which communicates with the product, ensuring that your system is as safe as possible. This means that even if your virus definition is not up to date, SONAR will assist your computer in preventing these "new" threats from damaging your system.


Should a dangerous threat be detected by this network, the technology will automatically inform the user in order to prevent any data corruption or unauthorised access to your system.

Another impressive aspect of the product is the One-Button Checkup that gives you access to all the features of SystemWorks. Neatly divided into a variety of menus, this allows the user to select the relevant option such as “Find and Fix Problems”, “Erase Unwanted Data” and “Back up & Recover Your Files” to name a few of the features.


By clicking on the button, it automatically runs the relevant wizard that is great for novice to amateur computer users. Even if you are a computer guru, the product still contains access to quite a few advanced features, ensuring that this product caters for a wide variety of users.

On our Windows XP machine that has been running since 2007, the program detected a wide range of system issues on our computer which SystemWorks successfully rectified. Windows Vista which has been running for five months did display a few issues that were automatically resolves by SystemWorks. Off the topic, Vista is a far superior program than XP in my honest opinion.

Having used Norton Utilities in the days of MSDOS when Windows was just in its infancy, it’s good to see this product has involved for Windows XP and Vista that performed quite admirably on both our systems as it detected and fixed a variety of system issues. This program also performed a thorough defrag of our hard drive which did improve the overall PC performance.

Norton Cleanup is another important tool for removing clutter on your hard drives and in the day of easily accessibly software, hard drives are a prime candidate for collecting “junk” data. This tool easily removed internet temporary files and also other temporary files that windows fails to remove and we successfully recovered over 500MB of data.


The performance Test is great for users who are considering upgrades as it compares your system to a variety of other systems on the database and is a great tool for identifying any weaknesses in your system’s hardware. Also great for reviewers when comparing hardware speeds.

In conclusion, Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition is your one stop PC-tune shop for all Windows XP and Windows Vista computers that offers the user complete protection and a total system tune-up for a recommended retail price of $99.95. It's easy to use and can be installed on a wide variety of computers with some impact on system performance that is definitely a must have in today's day and age.

Additional Features

Norton AntiVirus 2008

  • Blocks viruses and spyware automatically with advanced protection and enhanced performance.

  • Finds and removes hidden threats.

  • Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading.

  • New smart technology runs quietly in the background and lets you work and play without disruption.

  • SONAR technology delivers behavior-based protection that can detect emerging spyware and viruses even before traditional signature-based definitions are available.

  • LiveUpdate Notice alerts you to product updates and threat advisories as available throughout the renewable service period.*
    *One-year protection: With this service, you receive the right to use this product on one PC or on the specified number of PCs during the service period, which begins upon initial installation. This renewable service includes protection updates and new versions of this product as available throughout the service period, subject to acceptance of the Symantec.

Norton Save and Restore 2.0

  • Protects all files of a certain type (such as photos or documents) by finding and backing up the exact file types you indicate.

  • Recovers individual folders, files, and previous document versions, even if you forget to save them.

  • Lets you customize the way you backup files.

  • Improved, easy-to-use interface.

Norton Utilities

  • Automatically detects and fixes Windows problems.

  • Defragments and optimizes your hard drive for better performance.

  • Cleans up unwanted cookies, cache, and temporary files that slow your computer’s performance.

System Optimizer

  • Allows you to control the access to your PC’s Windows settings.


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