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Installation 9.0
Ease of use 8.0
Usefulness 9.5
Value 9.0
Distributor: Symantec
Review Date:
February 2007
Tory Favro


Norton Confidential

This is really neat piece of kit for those who want to make sure that they are doing important roles like Internet banking within a secure environment. Confidential is designed to scan sites visited and make sure that you are really on the website that you are under the impression that you are visiting. 

It runs software called crimeware to ensure that you are not entering sensitive data into sites that may be hiding behind fake links etc. Prime examples of these are the spam emails reporting to be from eBay of PayPal asking you to log into your account. The crimeware makes sure that you are really on those sites and gives you a warning red flag if you are not. 

Installation of the program is easy and the package integrates itself with other Norton products. When going to sites that are requiring data from you, Confidential will scan the site first and will either warn you that it is a site that is phishing your details or if it’s one of the prechecked sites, it will come up as Norton Trusted which will work until a hacker figures out how to put code in to tell Confidential it’s trusted. The Symantec crew are pretty much on top of that sort of thing though so it should all be good. 

This software is a really neat feature also for those who are not regular internet users as if you hit a site that is not trusted or is a phishing site, Confidential will actually shut that page down and replace it with a warning about the security risk it has detected. You do have the option of opening up the site, but really would you want to if your software is telling you that your personal details are at risk. 

Using an InfoVault, Confidential will safely store your sensitive information and you can open a session where it will allow you to use your passwords at certain sites. It also has the feature built into it where if you use the same username and password at more than one site it will prompt you to make sure that you are aware that you are using those details at more than one location. This is a nifty feature and one that does remind you of the importance of using more than just one password, sure they are all hard to remember but if the bad guys catch you using one, they’ve got access to everything. 

Confidential also provides adequate support against most keylogging software on the market. Keylogging is when the hacker has software on your machine that records the keystrokes that you use in online banking and other sensitive sites and also can take screen captures so the hacker knows what site you are using and what you keyed in to get access. Confidential will shut down most keylogging scripts and corrupt screen shots that are being sent back to the source of the hack, so that is one heck of an innovation. 

One downside to the software is that if you are impatient then it’s going to frustrate you a little with the speed of getting onto some of the sites that you might visit. Remember that Confidential is installed to help you be safe though and it can take some time for it to scan a site and ensure it is a safe one for you to browse. A small price really to pay for protecting your vital information. 

I really liked this program and have no problems recommending it. It’s a must for internet novices and even those who do have some experience online. Let’s face it, some of these fake sites look so realistic that unless you are checking everything it’s easy to make a fatal mistake and Confidential makes sure that doesn’t happen. Bravo! 

System Requirements

Platforms: Windows® XP Home/ XP Pro/XP Media Center Eligible for a free Windows Vista™ compatibility update*

Windows® XP Home/XP Pro/XP Media Center

.      300MHz or higher processor

.      256MB of RAM

.      125MB of available hard disk space

.      Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

Required for all installations

.      DVD or CD drive

* Microsoft® Windows Vista™ compatibility update subject to production release of the Windows Vista operating system within the service period. Separate downloads may be required. For more information, go to See Microsoft for Windows Vista system requirements. 


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