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Installation 10
Ease of use 9.2
Usefulness 10
Value 10
Distributor: Symantec
Review Date:
Nov 2012


Norton 360 (2013)

The latest version of Norton 360 (2013 Edition) has arrived which boasts two versions, a standard version that allows up to 2GB of online storage and a premier edition that allows a whopping 25GB of online storage. Norton 360 also boasts identity protection and even a PC tune-up tool to ensure that your computer is running as smooth as possible.

Consider Norton 360 your computer mechanic, nanny and security guard. At its core, Norton 360 offers almost total protection of your PC from all sorts of cybercriminals and threats which boasts a collection of powerful technologies that include;

  • Antitvirus

  • Antispyware

  • Browser protection

  • 5 patented layers of protection

  • Facebook protection

  • Parental controls

  • Advanced online identity theft protection

  • Automatic backups and tune-ups

  • 2 GB of secured online storage

The best facet of Norton 360 is that Symantec continue to update their software with the changing threat landscape and although traditional computer viruses are still rampant throughout the internet, cybercriminals have changed their tactics from infecting your computer with bots or using phishing tools to steal your personal data such as credit card details and identity.

Norton also offers 24x7 support on their products which means if you ever get into a pickle, someone from Symantec will be available to assist you with your issue. The version of Norton 360 that we tested gave us three licenses which means we could install this program on three separate computers which is ideal for families or small businesses.


In terms of installation, we tested Norton 360 on Windows 8 and once the CD was detected, the software was automatically installed with minimal prompting from the user. This means that Norton 360 is extremely user friendly and for the most part, will silently monitor your system in the background.

Installation also took only a few minutes and the longest part of the installation was updating its files online. Best of all, when installed, we noticed no system slowdown whatsoever. With that said, the system requirements of Norton 360 are quite bare boned and this product will work on any PC running Windows XP with a CPU speed of 300Mhz, 256MB of RAM and 300MB of available hard drive space. Given that, most modern computers are far more powerful than the basic system requirements needed to successfully run this program.


Once installed, we were treated to the traditional yellow/grey interface of Norton 360 that seems more streamlined and easier to use than the previous version. If you are using Windows 8, you'll definitely get a kick out of the internet, especially using a touch screen. The main screen of Norton 360 features four main tabs that include Security, Identity, Backup and Tuneup.

On the top of the interface, there are additional menus for tasks, settings, performance, feedback, account and support. On the right, there are four small icons that include manage, mobile, online family and safeweb. Finally, at the bottom of the screen, there is a subscription status informing the user of how many days left in the registration and the option of renewing the product.

Protection Straight Away

Straight out of the box or downloaded from the net, the standard settings of Norton 360 will probably suit the majority of computer users. There are advanced features in the program if users want to tweak the abilities of Norton 360 but for us, we found that the standard settings worked fine on our Windows 8 PC.

Without getting into technicalities, Norton 360 stopped all attacks such as spyware, viruses, key loggers and rootkits. If somehow one of these got through Norton 360's defences, the program does allow for an emergency boot disc to recover your system.

The program also has a personal firewall and does a great job at stopping outside computers accessing your PC. This also includes spam e-mail and even Facebook protection such as unsuspecting people posting links on your wall that may be an infected site.


Whether you're surfing the net or installed a program from a website, Norton 360 will protect you. This software package basically scans websites and files for viruses, malware and other nefarious criminal activities that you might encounter. Using advanced heuristics, even if Norton 360 stumbles upon a new virus or piece of malware, its algorithms should protect your PC and more importantly your identity.


Apart from computer threats, Norton 360 contains some great bonuses for the user. With the standard edition giving users 2GB of online space, the premier edition boasts  25GB which allows users to store whatever they want on secured Symantec servers. This means you can upload photos, documents, music or anything that you need backed up online.

The backup tools are built directly into the product so there is no excuse in not backing up your documents. Norton also supports local backups to a variety of different media such as USB drives and DVD's. Additional storage can also be purchased through Symantec as well.

I also loved the option of Norton 360 automatically backing up important folders such as "My Documents" and "My Photos". Similar to Dropbox, you can even send friends and colleagues a link to certain files on your backup which expires after 14 days.


The PC tune-up aspect of the program scans your computer for any issues such as corrupt registry files. This also allows you to view your start-up files and tweak what is loaded when your PC first boots. My favourite aspect of tune-up is the defragmentation tool that cleans up your hard drive and removes "junk directories and files".

The program even supports a diagnostic report which scans your computer for issues and best of all, this is all part of the package unlike a certain internet security provider which charges for this functionality. The parental control is another great feature of Norton 360 that helps parents protect their children online and best of all, it's easy to use.

Final Thoughts?

In conclusion, Norton 360 continues to be one of the world's most important software programs that should be installed on your computer. With an easy to use interface, protection from all internet threats, a PC tune-up option and some great backup features from local to online, Symantec should be commended on another excellent release. With no noticeable speed issues with our system and best of all, silent running of your PC, Norton 360 will do all the work while the user is blissfully unaware.

Highly Recommended!


Core Protection
Delivers up-to-the-minute protection with rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes         
Improved performance delivers faster scans         
Silent mode suspends alerts and updates to avoid interrupting or slowing games and movies         
Cloud-based Norton Management lets you download, install, transfer, update or renew your Norton products from anywhere, right over the Internet         
Norton Safe Web for Facebook® scans your News Feed for dangerous dowloads and warns you and your friends about them

Detects and removes spyware and unwanted monitoring software         
Block Internet worms at the point of entry         
Block hackers from accessing your computer         
Smart Startup Manager turns off unnecessary startup programs for faster PC startups         
Tightly integrated spam filtering makes every email count         
Monthly report shows details of your PC's activities, such as threats caught, tune-up tasks performed and files backed up

Back-up to Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD, and iPod         
Keeps all of your important pictures, music, documents, videos, etc. protected at a secured offsite location         
Once setup is complete, your files are backed up automatically         
Includes 2 GB of online storage (Standard Edition)
Includes 25 GB of secured online backup, enough to store hundreds of photos or songs (Premier)

Parental Control
Parental Controls Management tracks where your kids go and what they do online so you can keep them safe from online dangers

Free tech support delivers the help you need, however you need it - phone, email and chat


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