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Gameplay 8.9
Graphics 7.7
Sound 9.7
Value 8.0
Distributor: Red Ant
Review Date:
April 2005
Andrew B


Mortyr II

Mortyr II brings players into the turbulent era of World War II that not only throws the third Reich against the gamer but also some of the deadliest weapons in existence. With the Third Reich slowly falling to the forces of the allies, the Nazis focuses there development into new experimental weaponry, unfortunately for the denizens of Earth, there may be a high price to pay for this unholy power. Fortunately for us mere mortals, the gamer is transformed into Sven Mortyr, an elite British paratrooper who must not only disarm and destroy this insidious Nazi plan but also rescue his father in the process.

Although Mortyr II may not feature the most original storyline, one cannot help but smile at the simplicity of this title because this game really goes back to basics and if ain't broke, don't fix it. The player starts the game armed only with a knife and their wits but the game really focuses on stealth, but each mission can be completed with a variety of tactics or combinations thereof. Those who prefer staying out of sight and picking off enemies from a distance will find ample opportunity to do so, as will those who prefer to wade into the thick of combat with guns blazing.

The A.I. of mortyr is extremely impressive and does go a long way to keeping the game interesting. The enemy movements and tactics are above average, and actually make the game very difficult at points. They'll use terrain to their advantage by taking cover behind obstacles and they're well organized. It's not uncommon for one soldier to pin you down behind cover with machinegun fire while another lobs a grenade at your position. They'll often stake out spots around corners when they hear your approach, ready to open fire. The A.I. is not perfect, however; while enemies show momentary signs of brilliance, at other times you might mistake them for brain-damaged scarecrows. They might run away from you for no apparent reason, or dart in and out of cover like a whack-a-mole game.

The levels are competently designed and while extremely linear, offer a good variety of play. Each mission has a unique goal and several sub goals, and no mission is too long. As you play, you'll fight through frigid Norway, behind enemy lines in the trenches of the front in Poland, and eventually to a cliff side monastery on the Mediterranean coast. This adds variety to the environments and allows for a good mix of close quarters and long range combat situations. The design of some levels is excellent, like the ascent to infiltrate the monastery, while others, especially the early stages, are just so-so outdoor hikes.

Graphically, like the gameplay, the graphics of Mortyr are solid with nothing revolutionary. This is not going to be the best looking game you've ever seen even with detail levels cranked up. Thankfully outright errors are few, mostly limited to pop-ups of non-important terrain features. There seems to have been a good design philosophy in making this game; the designers didn't try to blow your mind, but they made sure what they had was done well. Because there's so much action during most of the game, this works out since you're not going to have much time to stand there and examine the pretty flowers. The only real problem with the graphics is excessive slowdown in enclosed areas, which doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

The sound is done fairly well for a budget title but comes off as slightly lacking. The music is excellent but after a few stages starts to all sound the same. Voiceovers during cut scenes are short but also well done, and the enemies are well vocalized. The only problem here is that you kill so many Nazis that you'll start hearing the same things over and over. Ambient sounds are generally absent, but there are some nice effects to make up for it. Notably, in the indoor stages, there are nice echo effects that really convey the sense of a grand cathedral or narrow passage.

In conclusion Mortyr II is a sturdy and entertaining game that is basically your traditional first person shooter that features an interesting storyline, some nice graphics and a great gameplay engine. Although it's not like Halo, it does bring things back to basics with it's realistic storyline and probably the most interesting era of first person shooter, world war II. If you're a fan  of first person shooters, than you should really check this game out!


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