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Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 8.6
Sound 8.8
Value 8.5
Developer: QVS
Review Date:
July 2008
Howard Bourke
Classification: G


GTR Evolution

GTR Evolution is developed by acclaimed game developers SimBin that allows gamers to race a plethora of real world vehicles in a variety of different gaming environments. Best of all, the title also boasts the official WTCC license which features all the cars, tracks and thrills of this international racing tournament.

Boasting almost 50 cars, 12 different classes and almost 20 tracks, this game could almost be considered the Gran Turismo of PC racing. It should also be noted that GTR Evolution also contains GT Cars and tracks which will sure to please fans of this division.

Whether your racing classic cars such as the Aston Martin DBR9 or Dodge Viper SRT/10, the developers have also ensured that each car handles quite differently and will effect the gameplay of the game.

  • In-Game File sharing to up- and download setups or ghost files while being in the game.

  • Race-line in Time-Trial is a feature inspired by the Race-line in GTR2 but features more options. There are distinctive brake-markers to indicate braking points, the game can now show two Race-lines simultaneously. These Race-lines including their ghost-files and setups can be up- or downloaded in-game as well.

  • Upgraded Replay system with the possibility to not only save the full replay after the race but also the instant replays that can be viewed during the race.

  • Nationality indicator for the player-profile will now be equipped with a flag and a country indicator following the player throughout the game.

The installation of GTR Evolution is quite a lengthy process, however once installed, the gamer is greeted to a rather slick presentation of the WTCC series with its innovative menu system and pumping soundtrack that will get your motor rolling from the first moment you experience this title.

The title contains a variety of gameplay modes from instant race action to Championship that will allow you race on real-world locations as you attempt to gain the trophy of this hallowed competition. Other modes such as Time-Trial is great for learning the ropes of the title and for thrashing those high performance cars

Before you are about to race, you need to select your preferred control system which includes keyboard, joypad or wheel. We tested the game on both keyboard and a Logitech steering wheel for the PC with both control systems working quite well, although at the end of the day, a steering wheel does win hands down due its realistic control scheme.

Controlling the cars via the wheel was quite impressive and is on par with console world that does make this game quite enjoyable. My only gripe with the keyboard is that on some races, there did seem to be some type of lag, although it was almost barely noticeable.

Graphically, GTR Evolution is a visual treat on the PC that allows the gamer to immerse into the high speed world of racing due to the realism of the graphics. The stars of the game are of course the cars themselves that look extremely realistic and even though reflective surfaces are the norm in most car games these days, GTR Evolution is one of those that look amazing. The backgrounds are detailed, although not as slick as some of the bigger development companies such as EA but nevertheless, it assists in immersing you into the fast world of car racing.

The sound effects are spot on for GTR Evolution with each car sounding different from the engines to the way the tires screech around the tracks. The sounds of cars smashing into each other or cars smashing into the environment is quite realistic and match that with a pumping soundtrack and there is little to complain about in this sports game made for racing fans.

In conclusion GTR Evolution is definitely one of the better racing games on the PC that mixes realism with a touch of arcade action as you race a variety of real-world cars on a plethora of different tracks from around the world.

The control system is perfect with a wheel and it also supports both keyboard and joypad for users who do not have this device available. Any complaints? Not from this reviewer and if you are after a game that is almost on league with the Gran Turismo series, GTR Evolution is truly an evolutionary racing experience.


GT Pro
- Aston Martin DBR9
- Audi R8 GT Concept
- Corvette C5 R
- Corvette C6 R
- Dodge Viper GTS/R
- Gumpert Apollo GT
- Koenigsegg CCGT
- Lister Storm
- Saleen S7-R

GT Sport
- Corvette C6 GT2
- Marcos MarcoRelly GTS
- Mosler MT900R
- Seat Toledo GT
- Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R
- SunRed SR21

GT Club
- Aston Martin DBRS9
- Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe
- Gillet Vertigo Streiff
- Seat Cupra GT

WTCC ‘06/’07
- Alfa Romeo 156
- Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
- BMW 320si e90
- BMW 320i e46
- Chevrolet Lacetti
- Honda Accord Euro-R
- Peugeot 407
- Seat León
- Seat Toledo Cupra

WTCC ‘87
- Alfa Romeo 75 turbo
- BMW M3 e30

WTCC Extreme
- Alfa Romeo 156 Extreme
- BMW 320si Extreme
- Chevrolet Lacetti Extreme
- Seat León Extreme

Production Class
- Audi R8
- Dodge Viper SRT/10
- Gumpert Apollo
- Koenigsegg CCX

Formula 3000
- Lola B02/60

Formula BMW
- Formula BMW

Mini Cooper Challenge
- Mini Cooper S

Radical Sportscars
- Radical SR3
- Radical SR4

Caterham CSR
- Caterham CSR200
- Caterham CSR260
- Caterham CSR320


WTCC ‘06/’07
- Anderstorp, Sweden
- Brands-Hatch, UK
- Brno, Czech Republic
- Curitiba, Brazil
- Istanbul, Turkey
- Macau, Macau
- Magny-Cours, France
- Monza, Italy
- Oschersleben, Germany
- Pau, France
- Porto, Portugal
- Puebla, Mexico
- Valencia, Spain
- Zandvoort, Netherlands

- Nürburgring Nordschleife
- Nürburgring GP
- Nürburgring Endurance Layout

Additional Tracks
- Estoril, Portugal
- Imola, Italy
- Vara Raceway, Sweden

Alternate Layouts
- Brands Hatch Indy
- Curitiba Oval
- Curitiba Reverse
- Monza Reverse
- Monza Junior
- Macau Reverse
- Magny Cours National
- Oschersleben B-Course 06
- Oschersleben Reverse 06
- Oschersleben B-Course 07
- Oschersleben Reverse 07
- Puebla Oval
- Puebla Special
- Valencia Nacional
- Valencia Long
- Valencia Reverse
- Zandvoort Club



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