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Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 7.0
Sound 6.0
Value 7.0
Distributor: Perfect World
Review Date:
April 2011
Hayley Clements


Forsaken World

Forsaken World is a very beautiful free to play MMORPG. The first thing that got me about it was the bright colors and amazing designs. The game is made by Perfect World, the creators or Perfect World International. Though Perfect World International was also a beautiful game, the company defiantly stepped it up a notch on Forsaken world.

When you first log in and enter the game, like any MMO, you must create your character. When you get to the character creation screen, the first think you will pick will be your race, sex, and class. There are many races available including elf, human, stoneman, dwarf, and kindred. Each race has classes they are able to access. To give an example, only an elf can be a bard, but they can also be warriors and priests. Humans also can be warriors and priests but they can be mages and assassins as well. The list goes on and on allowing for some unique classes including vampires (accessible by kindred). Once you have chosen your race, class, and sex, a default character will appear wearing end-game gear. The gear its self is enough to entice you to play this game. It is all so colorful and artfully done that your characters armor itself could be a dealmaker for the class. I myself found the bards armor to look fantastic, as well as the unique weapon they use, the harp. You then go on to customize your face, hair, hair color, skin color, and flare. Flare is unique facial features; for females its general interesting and colorful makeup designs, while for males it is more of tattoos, piercings, or metal/painted designs on their faces. Once you make the perfect character, all you need to do is pick your name and your birth sign and you are ready to move into the game world.

The first areas are starter areas where you learn a little about the movement and controls in the game as well as get your first weapon and armor. The skills you use to fight the enemies are all animated well with great sound effects. You gain skills as you play through the game and level up, but that is not the only skills you are able to access. Even from low levels, you are able to equip special trinkets that you can find and equip, as well as upgrade later on, that give you a new ability. These abilities are no joke and do not use the regular mana/energy of regular attacks. These attacks use a special pool called soul force. It takes a lot of soul force to be able to activate and use your ability, but they are very powerful. Most of the ones early on are massive damaging AoE attacks that will one shot any enemy that is anywhere close to you. Once you use your skill and deplete your soul force, all you have to do is kill more enemies (even the ones you kill with the trinket ability help refill your soul force) and your soul force will eventually refill.

Like any other good online social game, Forsaken world has Guilds, pvp, and even world events (and dungeons). However, unlike other games, Forsaken World adds an extra spin on these things. For guilds they make it easy to join one and they also make it easy to figure out which guild is right for you. They have Freshman guilds, which are guilds that anyone can join (more specifically new players) to experience how a guild works and some of the functions of a guild. This makes getting into the game very easy because you donít have to play alone until you finally find a good player made guild (until you want to of course), because thereís Freshman guilds! Another spin they put in the game is on pvp, which is accessible once you reach level 30 in the game. Not only do they have world pvp, duels, and guild wars (where one guild fights another guild), but they are also adding in an arena system where small groups of players will face off against other small groups of players. The real interesting part about how Forsaken World does pvp, is the addition of Wrath Awaken. This ability greatly increases your combat abilities against other players for a brief period, which is its sole purpose. You can recharge this skill by collecting orbs that fall off players in pvp as you fight. Orbs are a very important part of pvp and keeping your Wrath up is vital. World Events and Dungeons are also a fun way to spend your time. There are daily and weekly events and more. In order to take place in these events all you have to do is show up in the right place at the right time, or simply use the automatic queue system to make it easy.

Since Forsaken world is free to play, which is surprising due to the graphics and beauty of this game, they also include an item mall. For those who enjoy item malls, you can buy mounts, costumes, weapon/gear improvements, and many other things. Mounts are available for each race, as well are costumes. The costumes are extravagant and tasteful, and can be worn in the appearance tab. The appearance tab is an area of your character sheet that allows you to equip special appearance items that will show on your character, but not mess with the stats you have equipped in your combat gear slots. The item shop has anything you could need including items to be able to speak in world chat, and they are all useful. If you prefer to make the things you want your self there are also Jobs in Forsaken World that allow you to construct many things. To name a few there is tamer, armor smith, botanist, socialite, chef, and much much more. These jobs allow you to make almost anything you would need in the game making them very valuable skills.

Another interesting system they have in Forsaken world is the prayer system. After level 10 you can pray (a skill automatically given to you) to the gods. Praying can grant you some nice bonuses including experience points and even buffs. You can pray every hour, but after the first four prayers, you will no longer get experience, only the buffs. This is a fun way to give the players a little extra help leveling and it is very great to utilize.

From pets to pvp, even jobs, titles, reputation, achievements and so many other things, Forsaken world defiantly has a plethora of content. It is not hard to get into the game and once you do, you will be surprised how easily it sucks you in. This is a fun and visually pleasing game for many types of gamers like casual, non-casual, players who do not want to spend money, and even players that do. Whatever your play style, I am sure Forsaken World will grab you in and offer hours upon hours of fun.

Game hard, play happy!

Hayley Clements
Impulse Gamer
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