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Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 7.0
Sound 7.0
Value 7.5
Developer: Icarus Studios
Review Date:
March 2010
Edwin Millheim
Classification: M15+


Fallen Earth

While it may not look like the best game on the block, Fallen Earth from Icarus Studios takes up the banner for the world destroyed by some holocaust. With a pretty high learning curve for some of the controls it may take a bit for some players to really latch onto the game. There is an almost mind numbing amount of information that the player has at their fingertips about their character and the world around them.... Those that enjoy so much control over their own character will find Fallen Earth a fun romp. While it may come off like Fall Out 3's little known younger brother, with reused concepts and game play, the amount of things to discover and the vast gaming map are truly impressive. So don't be tempted to dismiss this game.

In the Fallen Earth gaming world mankind has leveled everything and is on the very edge of extinction, thanks to a virus called Shiva. The virus caused mutations, the last remaining humans are stretched out along the Grand Canyon. That's where the fun begins, like most MMO's you create your character and enter the gaming world, and soon find it's not a very friendly world at all.

Gamers start out in a tutorial, that for the most part get's you in the swing of things. The learning curve goes up after the player is out and on their own. There are so many options and windows for the hud and so many things that you can do it can become confusing as to what it is your required to do. Never fear though because players in the game seem to be willing to offer tips to new players.

There are various choices for players to advance in the game. There is crafting to be done of various items and is an important part of the gaming world. So many things in the game can be crafted. It's a very robust system.

I will say that there is not a lot of hand holding in the game, so players really earn what they get which makes things feel so much more... well .rewarding.

In game battles are not as refined graphically as other games out there, combat seems to rely more on stats and the types of equipment. So that's a good thing... Movement and shooting can be done, though while moving it throws aim off and your not as accurate. Melee combat involved just going toe to toe and hitting the mouse button for those attacks. Multiple targets are tougher and you have to literally turn towards your next target. Mixing in some of your abilities for good measure provides the best results. I did do a lot of damage with a trusty axe I scavenged from a corpse, I found it embedded in their skull.

Graphics and animations are not spectacular by any sense. Some how this makes the game that much more endearing though. It does make a very convincing look for the game. The wastelands are appropriately marked with the reminders of the earlier civilization. Some sort of highway or tram systems spires rise up like the rib bones of a great industrial beast that met it's demise.

Some areas have ant hills and mutated ants about the size of small dogs. A lot of what one would imagine in such a world. There are some graphical glitches that rise up from time to time, but they are more amusing than a game breaker really. They do pull you from the moment, but none the less amusing. These included some clipping where a horse and rider where at an odd angle because they fell through a but of the graphics.

Thus far though the depth and breadth of the system makes it a game to appreciate and play, for anyone that would enjoy creating almost everything they need to survive in the gaming world, then this game is just up your alley.

Adventures and story back ground and missions that take place as well as the interactions are well done in regard to the role playing base this game has to offer. There's story, there's role playing, there's customizations,there's excitement and adventure. We expect so much more interesting gaming content to enhance this already interesting diamond in the rough. Especially when the designers are working on creating more content to keep the gamers happy and to offer more in this surprisingly rewarding game.

Getting around in the game , you will either be walking a lot, or since gas is now very scarce, you may be riding a horse. Some form of transportation or another may be a good idea since there are factions out there and marauders, scavengers and various other of the dregs last survivors. While your off and about and if your lucky enough to get some form of transport, another nice feel in the game is that horses must be fed, and vehicles need that precious gas. So none of this riding forever and a day with no consequence. A nice touch of reality in a science fiction kind of game.

Fallen Earth feels open and free as if the possibilities are only up to the individual player. I like that. Some gamers may feel though that this leaves much to be desired , and may require more direction and pointing the way. Bare in mind other players can be interesting sources of information and even a means for a bit more role play in this Fallen Earth. This is a classic don't judge a book by it's cover, Fallen Earth has a lot of good content going for it, so get past the tutorial and don't make the choice just on that....things open up after the tutorial levels.

Fallen Earth is full of adventure and promise of bigger and better things to an already intriguing world. Do a search for Fallen Earth and try your hand at something a little different.

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Edwin Millheim


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