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Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11 from Class on Demand PC Review - -

Installation 10
Ease of use 10
Appearance 10
Value 10
Distributor: Class on Demand
Review Date:
March 2008
Shael Milheim


Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11
from Class on Demand

Software reviewed on an Alienware system

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This complete training Windows DVD Rom, makes the promise to give the beginner to the intermediate users of Pinnacle Studio 11 a solid foundation to get them moving with more ease through the Video Editing software Pinnacle Studio 11. Makes the claim and delivers better than I had expected. I have seen too many tutorial programs tend to be a bit cumbersome when it came to figuring out what you wanted to accomplice and meetings those ends. Not so with Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11 from Class on Demand.  The front end DVD menu makes navigating through the lessons a breeze, even if you want to..GASP skip a couple of the lessons. You have complete control of the videos lessons. You can easily and quickly move to any lesson, start or stop, and repeat at will.  Visit them at to see this product and many others.

To tell you the truth I would not recommend skipping any, I came in a little jaded. Having some basic to intermediate back ground in video editing I thought this would be a nice little gimmick for the beginner at best.  Color me surprised when I actually learned a few things I did not know I could even do with Pinnacle. Yea I admit it. The teaching DVD Rom has all the right stuff in a comprehensive easy flowing presentation that in the end offers much in value if you're looking to learn about getting your editing chops with Pinnacle Studio 11.

For those that learn by seeing, this DVD will assist in gaining confidence with the editing software. Paul Holtz, the president and CEO of Class on Demand is the host of the Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11. His easy going confidence makes the viewer feel like they are getting lessons from a trusted easy going teacher in the comfort of their own home. Paul Holtz's 20 years of experience in the media industry shines through. The student viewer will feel at ease moving on to the more sophisticated features of Pinnacle Studio 11 in no time.

The lessons on the DVD Rom are broken into amusingly enough, 11 parts focused on the use of Pinnacle Studio 11, those parts being;
1: Comparing Studio Products
2: Instant DVD Recorder
3: Studio Overview
4: Smart Movie
5: Capturing
6: Basic Editing
7: Advanced Editing
8: Editing Text
9: recording Audio
10: Useful Tips
11: Outputting Movies
Including bonus lessons

Have fun, play games, be creative!    Edwin Millheim
Now Shael digs deep into Class on Demand speaking with the very knowledgably Mr. Paul Holtz, the President and CEO of Class on Demand.

Shael: Why did you decide to be a part of video-based training?
Paul Holtz: I have long been an onsite educator in the Video Production and Post production for most of the Major Networks and Film Studios. 10 years ago we decided to bring this same quality education to everyone quickly. Class on Demand was born. Video-based Training allows for inexpensive high quality training from the best artists and producers in the world, right on you're PC. We have long prided ourselves on the incredible Talent we have under contract with Class on Demand. Now every student can have a Guru sitting right next to him or her and follow right along with the best of the best.
Shael: What we have seen so far had a lot of insightful punch, and well done as it correlates to a teaching resource. What makes class on demand different from other teaching video/DVD's? Particularly the Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11?
Paul Holtz: Pinnacle Studio is a consumer product- this means you can't take any terminology or other video experience for granted. We have to assume the viewer could be anyone from my sister to my grandmother editing the kid's videos to a family photomontage. We include Broadcast quality graphics and Video footage so they can immediately follow along without trying to figure out hot to import Video and Photo's before the training even starts. There is a real sense of accomplishment after 5 minutes into training as they have already created their first video. We build on the experience to more advanced chapters. We demystify the world of Video, Graphics, Creating DVD's, sharing your finished on You Tube and much more. Since we came from a high quality production and special effects background, the quality and "watch ability" of our programs are very well received. Out training are not just endless chapters of screen shots. We have wonderful interactive menus that allow the student to access any part of the training at any time for further review. We also include the instructor on Camera throughout the training for that "human" element. It's as close as possible to having instructor in the same room with you. And finally the production value of our products is outstanding and polished to keep the student engaged. No one learns anything if the training is boring and people are falling asleep during the lessons.

Shael: When doing video editing how would you rank these in importance and why? Planning, discipline, methods, evaluating the editing.
Paul Holtz: Editing is like a good baking recipe. So my ranking is as follows... The recipe is a plan (your script and storyboard) You gather all you ingredients (Video Clips, Graphics, Photo's, sound clips, ect.) And Discipline next- At first stick to your original recipe (try your script and story board first, tweaking can come later).Methods- Through practice and exchange of ideas with other editors from the user groups you will develop your own style. This is when you start to evaluate your original plan (recipe) and start to change the Graphic, effects, ECT... (ingredients) for a new recipe of your own. This is why editing is such a wonderful form of expression. There are dozens of ways to tell a story.
Shael: Since we have worked on the review for Pinnacle Studio 11, I have toyed with it in conjunction to some other articles on editing we plan to do here on Impulse Gamer. I was surprised on several new things I learned about Pinnacle Studio 11. Do you think people are surprised on how much they didn't know, about just how much you could do with Pinnacle Studio 11?
Paul Holtz: Since I have included many techniques that professionals would use, I have shown people how to think outside of the box when it comes to using Studio 11. Just because a feature is labeled a certain way doesn't mean that it can't be used with a combination of other features that produce the same effect or outcome that $1500 editing programs can do with one keystroke. I show students how to use Studio in a way to accomplish professional productions that even the wonderful engineers at Pinnacle didn't know it could do. Here is on of my favorite quotes from a website that folks were talking about my Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio. Fantastic!!!!

From Rob-Dunno how to thank you enough. I've never had such a mixture of feelings, from slap-on-the-forehead-why-did n't-I-think-of-that,
to WOW, to how-dumb-are-my-Photoshop-and-Studio-skills, to (again) WOW, to I-can't-wait-to-try-it,
to boy-did-I-learn-a-lot, to ThankYouThankYouThankYou. I now see not only what a skilled and creative videographer, but a great instructor/presenter you are as well, a rare combination.
Pardon the gushing, but what a great effort and service - to the community!
Shael: Looking at the finished product on Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11, there is so much there, but looking at it. is there anything you wish you could have covered more?
Paul Holtz: Not much really. It is called Complete training for this reason. I think there could be a more in depth section on 5.1 surround and codecs on a future title. But I really covered a lot and even include some bonus chapters using today's paint programs like PhotoShop and Corel Draw in conjunction with Studio to create some very high end Hollywood style effects.

Shael: What do you thing the strengths of training from a teaching DVD are?
Paul Holtz: Cost savings is a big one. It would cost a lot more than $39.95 to have your favorite trainer sitting next to you for the day. And probably the number one reason that Class on demand Training DVD's are so effective is that you have Instant access to chapters when you need a refresher on that topic. Most people only remember a small potion of what they learn at a live training seminar once they walk out door to leave. We are always at your fingertips.
Shael: What are the weaknesses?
Paul Holtz: Some people like to be able to ask questions to a live person. But if the Training DVD is well planned, most of the questions that come up are answered during the video.
Shael: If you could create the ideal Complete Training DVD that covered anything about filming, what would it be like?
Paul Holtz: We would teach production "polish". The best looking videos are always the ones that use professional editing, lighting techniques and proper sound acquisition. This is what sets apart professionals from non-professional productions. Consumers need to be taught what production and post production "polish" is. We do that in all of our consumer based video titles
Shael: Class on Demand is a pretty solid front runner for teaching DVD's from what we have seen in just the Complete Training for Pinnacle Studio 11 alone. Can you tell us about what's coming in the future for Class on Demand?
Paul Holtz: We have been asked to be Training Partners by most of the Major Software and Hardware developers. Some of these would include Avid, Pinnacle, Sorenson, Telestream, Thomson/Grass Valley, Boris, Newtek, and many others. All of these companies supply products to the television and motion picture industry. Many of them are releasing consumer video products this year as well and we will be providing them with our Award winning training. Consumers will benefit from our experience in these partnerships. It is going to be a very busy and rewarding year for Class on Demand.
Shael: Is there anything you want the readers to know about Class on Demand?
Paul Holtz: We appreciate the tremendous loyalty and support our customers have given us over the years. This loyalty has helped us grow into one of the major providers of software education in the world. We will always create timely, high quality products for our users. It is what we are all about. Thanks
There you have it folks!  Kick back relax, let's play! Shael Millheim


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