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Installation 10
Ease of use 10
Usefulness 10
Value 10
Distributor: BitDefender
Review Date:
May 2009
Edwin Millheim


BitDefender GameSafe

This protection suite offers low priced protection for the PC gamer searching for less negative impact on their gaming experience. BitDefender GameSafe claims to keep up the protection while leaving a small footprint on the computers resources. I am a true believer in giving a company some press, especially when they are true believers in the product. The BitDefender GameSafe representative who contacted us was certainly enthusiastic about the product. So we took the program suite on blast of a test drive. A Marathon of gaming and downloads and scans, updates and even tested customer service out to see the full picture of this product.

While the over all claims and functions can also be found in other security software suites, we found that BitDefender GameSafe was for the most part, simple to set up and to use. Downloading the trial version and soon after you purchase a license you can then activate the product and use it past the evaluation period.

The install of the software was fast and simple and of course at the end required the customary restart of the system. One thing of note for those that are installing this or any other Virus or firewall protection. Make sure you un-install any other virus protection you have before installing GameSafe. Having two virus protection softwares on your system at once can actually counter each program and make it easier for a virus to infect the system.

In the middle of installing the program it asks to do a scan to make sure there are no infections on the system. After the scan and the install there are some simple set ups and you're off and running.

The program fished out some cookies that where questionable and got id of them for me, no fuss no muss. It even left alone a couple of game cookies that where not a problem. Other software tested actually flagged those cookies as issues. So I was happy about that. The scan results are shown on a scan statistics screen with everything well placed and easy to read. Though I did have to raise an eyebrow with one heading. The “Not Scanned password protected items.” Logically I thought these would be archived or zipped files, I was part right. These would include any password protected items in a programs build. I had to ask someone about this because other programs I have tested actually will scan such archived and or zipped files, if not on an initial scan then with a scan on demand. In other words by finding the file left clicking and scanning the program from the pop up menu. BitDefender GameSafe can and does also do scan on demand.

In regard to password protected files...What we had been told is that such files would need to be extracted or unzipped and then scanned. Hmmm pretty risky if something nasty was hiding inside and was self executable on extraction. It was advised that GameSafe would at that point stop and clean any infected files upon detection before any damage was done. Though Non password protected items can be scanned. I remain slightly skeptical at this, though nothing to the contrary came up in any of my research nor tests. So the program is solid in these respects and works.

Now let's play some game and test this out. So firing up Steam and playing several different game sessions of Left 4 Dead (ranging about 8 hours in all of gaming on and off) showed that there was not one stutter in performance. Either running GameSafe fully or in what is called game mode. I would imagine it also depends on the system resources as well. But GameSafe does in fact do what it says it does. It seems to have actually combined speed and security in one package.

There is little to no pull on the systems processing power, nor its memory or virtual memory. Very nice. With a simple click the program goes into gamer mode, postponing any automatic updates or scans. It also stops any alerts or pop ups. Only the most important critical files get scanned during gamer mode.

BitDefender GameSafe comes with an impressive array of tools, Antivirus/Antispyware, the updates seem to be very aggressive and keeps the program up to date against threats with hourly updates as needed. Over all the scan speeds seem acceptable, no slower or faster than most other software.

Anti-Phishing software, it filters all accessed web pages and assists in reducing the risk of identity theft.

Firewall, this firewall of course is designed to work with gaming so there is no need to drop the wall for you're gaming needs. It assists in hiding your computer from outside sources.

Even better the companies customer service has a very active message and discussion board at They seem to take high interest in addressing the concerns of its customers. This is backed up when you send an email to customer support as well. As with most companies an automated message advises they got your email and will soon be answering your concern. Then , they do.... Plus one for BitDefender.

Check out the BitDefender site at for Australian users or for international users.

Check out what they have to offer and even do a free online scan of your system.

BitDefender GameSafe is a surprisingly simple yet powerful tool that any gamer would do well to look into.

Have fun, play games.
Edwin Millheim


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