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Armada 2526 Gold Edition
Reviewed by
Edwin Millheim
Armada 2526 Gold Edition PC Preview. As for the game as a whole, it has its niche and those niche players may well find a good fit here. Those players looking to try this type of gaming out for the first time may want to cut their teeth someplace else, if you are up for the challenge though jump on in.

Gameplay 6.0
Graphics 6.5
Sound 6.0
Value 7.5
Review Date: May 2012
Ntronium Games
Edwin Millheim


Armada 2526 Gold Edition

The folks at Iceberg Interactive sent over a copy of Armada 2526 Gold Edition, which bundles the space turn based opera with Armada 2526 Supernova. This packaging also comes with a nifty poster with the art from the front of the box.

Players guide their race through an intergalactic expansion, colonizing the vast reaches of the cosmos. During the trek players will be able to do research into new technologies, conduct diplomacy with other space races, and of course trade agreements, and all the while expanding and founding new colonies through peaceful endeavors or weald the power of your mighty fleets.

If you have played the Total War Series at all, many of the concepts and controls may seem very similar, the only difference is we are in space.

The add on in this package, Supernova… brings things a lot more into perspective and tweaks the game, bringing on some more technologies, planetary variances, and a couple extra galaxy races. More than that, it adds some LAN play as well as old school play by Email.

The game looks simple enough but can be rather on the complex side. Thankfully there is a robust advisor feature that assists the player along. There is also the option to play through a tutorial that will help get a grip on the control interfaces. Though even with all this assistance, some times in a game when trying to issues orders to ships the game would not take the orders or allow it.

After getting a bit frustrated on this not working, I went ahead and switched several ships to automatic. This option is the best balance as it tells the ships to do their best to expand your peoples across the galaxy.

I found it a bit annoying at times that I could not click on certain things and issue the orders I wanted. I found myself setting a lot of the game to automatic; it almost felt like the game was playing me not the other way round.

Armada 2526 Gold uses a turn based system, it’s a simultaneous order system so the player can make as many moves as they are able and then click the button to show they are done, then the computer and or your living opponent (If you’re playing multiplayer) makes their move.

In the middle of all the exploration and the diplomatic handling of other space faring races, as noted there is a trading system as well. There is trading with other races of commodities, minerals, relics, among other things as the game progresses. There are times when even if the trade or diplomatic negotiation seemed to be very heavy on the side of the entities you have encountered. For some strange reason they turn down the offers. Like with most negotiations, anything can happen…though I never really saw any hints as to a certain strategy when dealing with any particular races. If there is any, I never encountered it. Perhaps a heartier space traveler than I will figure that out; and as a result ace all of their negotiations.

If you thing thus far it’s all exploration and negotiation, never fear there are plenty of ship to ship battles to keep you occupied. The events take place in real time during ship battles so be fast with that mouse and issuing orders. Especially if you have a large number of ships in play, once the battle starts you end up a little hard pressed to issue orders and get things done.

There had been times in the game mode called Battles, where the player chooses a bunch of ship and then the enemy race you want to fight…then you battle. In these battles, no matter what level of abilities I made the battle, I would be decimated….not beat…decimated. Invisible ships would attack me from behind in droves and I would end up destroyed or damaged so bad that by the time I got the battle lines into a flank to attack my target, they had been so damaged that a few laser and missile volleys just destroyed my ships.

Swinging full circle when it comes to the build trees for ships and building and tech, there are plenty of varieties to work on and towards to make things at least interesting as you forage your way through the stars. I am usually a big fan of these types of games, while the game is not a total loss, at the same time it is not at the top of my list either. At the same token, for some reason it did keep drawing me back in for more. Not just because I was doing an article on it. But because I wanted to continue playing and learn more of the nuances of the game and to I hope…eventually master it. It does bring the challenges.

As for the game as a whole, it has its niche and those niche players may well find a good fit here. Those players looking to try this type of gaming out for the first time may want to cut their teeth someplace else, if you are up for the challenge though jump on in.

Have fun play games
Edwin Millheim


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