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Installation 8.5
Ease of use 8.6
Usefulness 8.0
Value 8.5
Distributor: Adobe
Review Date:
July 2009
Edward Smith


Adobe Audition 3

Although Adobe Audition 3 has been on the PC for a considerably amount of time, it's still one of the best recording, mixing, editing and mastering software packages available. Interestingly enough, even though I never used the previous incarnations of the software, the interface and capabilities were reminiscent of a program that I was quite familiar with, Cool Edit Pro which has been relabeled to Audition and is now part of the Adobe family.

With that said, Audition 3 is aimed at the sound professional, whether that's music, radio, video and the web, this software package will allow to create professional audio productions in one relatively simple to use software package.

The installation of Audition 3 was a breeze and it simply auto-installed once detected in our system. The minimum system requires of Adobe Audition include a Pentium 4 (1.4 GHz), 512 MB RAM, 10GB Hard Drive Space, DVD-ROM and 16MB of Video Memory with 1280x900 monitor resolution. However for true processing power, I would recommend something a little more robust and on our test machine, the AMD Phenom II processor with 4GB of Kingston RAM, the software was pure bliss to use.


VSTi virtual instrument support

Enjoy support for a wider range of virtual instruments. Simply add a MIDI host track to your mix, choose an instrument, and then record new audio in the Sequencer.

Improved multitrack editing

Save time and increase accuracy by editing grouped clips together. Auto-crossfade clips in multitrack view to quickly mix files together. Click-and-drag fade handles on multitrack clips and in the Edit View for faster editing.

Enhanced spectral editing

Make a free-form selection in frequency space with the Effects Paintbrush and apply effects in varying degrees to that selection. Smooth over a selected region to automatically repair clicks, pops, and other noises using the Spot Healing Brush.

Top/Tail Views

Need a quick and easy way to tweak the start and end of a loop or other audio file? The new Top/Tail Views allow you to zoom into the beginning and end of a file so you can quickly add precise fades while keeping the whole file in view.

New effects

Adobe Audition 3 includes new effects such as Convolution Reverb, Analog Delay, Mastering tool, Guitar Suite, and Tube-modeled Compressor.

Superior performance

Get superior performance and take advantage of the new multicore processors. The optimized mix engine allows for more tracks and effects on the same machine, offering more variety and faster processing

Although the interface has been slightly tweaked from previous versions, the biggest change to version 3.0 is the inclusion of MIDI and VSTi support which is ideal for users who wish to mix and create their own tunes. Whether your creating a majestic orchestral piece or something more heavy, this new feature is definitely on target.

The interface of Audition 3 is basically split into three different work windows that include Edit, Multitrack and CD. Edit is ideal for modifying sound files and gives the user a considerably amount of tools, graphs and the like to manipulate their sound files. Multitrack of course is for mixing multiple audio files together and CD allows you to flawlessly transfer your creations to disc. The interface is quite customizable and there are quite a few options that can be enabled or disabled.

Like other Adobe products, the software gives the user the option of working on "work" audio files which means original audio files will not be touched. So what audio formats does Audition 3 support? Apart from all the main formats such as MP3 and Windows PCM (WAV), the software supports quite a few with a couple of dozen, even OGG Vorbis.

The program boasts a variety of effects and best of all, independent users and developers have made their own effects which can be flawlessly imported into Audition 3.0. Apart from a plethora of effects, there are over 5000 royalty free music bites that can jazz up your songs or radio shows. Adding these into our existing songs and even voice overs really created something quite professional.

Apart from some impressive effects and music loops, the main crux of the program for us was the noise reduction abilities that either gives full control to the user or the program removes the background noise such as pops, clicks and hiss.

There is even a "repair" brush for manual control which is ideal for removing those occasional sound glitches that should not be there. This feature is great for users converting old LP's or Vinyl to the digital age, albeit quite time consuming as it is done in real-time.

On our test machine, the software performed admirably, although as stated we would recommend something with a little bit of grunt if you are converting audio files or repairing them. For users wanting to create their own audio files, this program has all the bells and whistles that is relatively quite affordable.

In conclusion, Audition 3 is the perfect tool for creating your own audio masterpieces or repairing existing audio files and although the learning curve is rather steep, the interface and web-based help interface is the perfect compendium for those beginner users.

Definitely for sound connoisseurs!


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